Season TWO has Begun in PUBG MOBILE!

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PUBG Mobile’s second season has officially started. Powerbang walks you through Season 1’s rewards, as well as gets a first look at the Season 2 rewards! BONUS: We join Powerbang on a quest for the first solo chicken dinner of Season 2!

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  1. i realised something in my games; bot names are written like "NameSurname" the first kill PB got "AlineNeves" was a bot you can use that to understand if you just kill a bot or a player.

  2. I think my Game is glitched bevause everytime I play a solo to get the new shoes in silver leave it doesn't go up a game, it just says 2/5 games complete

  3. Please remove pc players from the game or create a different server for the pc players
    Plz plz
    There are too many pc players who play pubg mobile in pc

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