Scotch & Smoke Rings Episode 481: Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 1

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  1. Watching this again, as I'm not fawning over the beautiful WWII alternate machinery and such, this is terrifying. Germany having much superior tech and driving us to such desperate means, it's nightmare fuel. Is this what the Germans felt when they knew their end was near?

  2. Bethesda execs after leaving Greenbriar, from first class seats on the jet.

    “Oh let’s get out of this hillbilly state.”

    “Yeah, and these streamers, what a bunch of plebs.”

    “But they sell out for $40 in drinks.”

    “So stupid these people. A bunch of groupies. I hate them.”

    “Just smile and flatter, they’re whores.”

    “So, country club this weekend?”

    “Nah, I’m taking the second Mercedes in for service.”

    “Should have bought Tesla’s like me. I have 2 now.”

    “Say, how large is the bonus on 76’s launch?”

    “Mine is $50 Grand only.”

    “Sigh. We deserve so much more.”

  3. Oxhorn, you have gotten to the point where you need an assistant to help set up the rigs and gather and read to you the questions (like a radio engineer on the morning shows). If I was closer to seattle, I'd be so willing to help. It's what I went to school for back in the old days (Radio and Television Broadcasting). It would leave it open for you to relax and just do the show.

  4. Why always so quiet even at max sound I can't hear anything without headphones….id like to watch in a group but guess that's not an option unless I get speakers lol

  5. I think one way that game developers of RPGS like this would be to use the save game file to determine what decisions were made and make the narrative based off of that. Like the mass effect games or the dragon age games. Might mean a bit more work for devs to get different intros and endings to certain sequences and what not, but it would eliminate the need for established lore.

    But I, for one, love established lore. Making decisions are great and all, but its obviously impossible to discuss things like what happens and what doesnt happen depending on decisions you've personally made in your game. I suppose it's all personal preference really.

  6. Just watched 60mins of juice head playing Fallout 76 Xbox beta.God the game looks so lonely and boring,and I noticed bugs,freezing and low fps ,no real story overlong holotapes,not worth the money esp Red Dead 2 looks so superior for console users

  7. I see you went with the Wyatt Timeline. I went with the Fergus timeline because him and BJ have been bros for much longer. It’s a tough choice since Wyatt also saves your life, is young and more potential, but you gotta weigh the options here…

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