PUBG’s Update : New Gun Mk14 EBR

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  1. I love DMR'S so I'm happy with this…. this is one of my favorite weapons in video games…..but I understand that most people aren't big fans of DMR'S because you gotta fire a bit more patient with them…alot of people like to use DMR'S
    As sniper rifles but I don't, well I do but not just that alone…for example I use the SKS anywhere at any range… as of right now the SKS is my favorite weapon In P.U.B.G…… So I'm fucking happy.

  2. I'd love to see the M1 Garand. Once it's loaded, no reloading until it's empty again. Would make for some tense fights knowing that you have to make your shots count, or even risk giving away your position by firing off the last 2 rounds just so that you can get a fresh reload in.

  3. I would've preferred to see another LMG, but not s rapid fire LMG like the M249, but s slowfiring one that hits like a truck. DMR is also nice though, as long as it's not a sniper or a revolver.

  4. They have to stop focusing on crate. Let the new weapons be rare spawns. Its not worth going for it in the air drop if you have kar98. Too risky for the price of it unless you want to get awm.

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