PUBG Xbox: Weekly Update #9 Patch Notes – Matchmaking Changes MMR, Red Zone, Start Island, DVR

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for Xbox One & PS4.
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Patch Notes –

In this Playerunknowns Battlegrounds video, we are going to be once again going over the latest Xbox and ps4 news. I wanted to talk about in this one the next update for the game, update number 9 brings new changes to matchmaking in the form of MMR/ELO, DVR Clips, performance improvements, UI changes, character customisation improvements and more. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. I've seem to notice, anyone who doesn't like Pubg, is bad and can't get a kill.. just saying… Fortnite isn't a bad game by any means but more based on LUCK than SKILL, anyone else agree?

  2. Definitely noticed a smoother gameplay. Biggest thing that annoys me is that my footsteps are alot louder. Had to turn my headphones down while I was running for 5 minutes. Was driving me nuts.

  3. They added some stuff that sucks. I'm happy for some of the fixes, but they messed up foot steps. Sounds like you're barefoot when you're not and then it'll echo and you'll hear double footsteps. Then sometimes you'll hear someone running to your 7 o'clock and No one will be there.

  4. Hello everybody i follow Pubg from the begin and i love it. I switched from ps4 to Xbox to play it, the main reason i bought it, was the Proximity Chat but we dont have it on Xbox.

    Me and all of my friends buy it with same reason. How do you think about it ? Blouehole gonna released it or not…

  5. Damn a lot of bluehole dick riders. I used to be a fanboy but its real clear now the devs are putting in the bare minimum. Especially after you do some research into the company or even the sales they made off xbox edition… Its hard to say nice things about this now.

  6. Bug in the new patch: a lot of gun sounds are overlayed with a duplicate reloading sound, this isn't every gun, doesn't happen every time and if you cancel the reload and reload again sometimes the overlay goes. Guns I can remember this overlay with are the revolver, m418, double barrel, kar98k, UMP and the DP-28. There are more but those are all I can recall now.
    This overlay is also present for footsteps all the time, no matter your pace/surface you're walking on/or even actual motion (walking on the spot) you hear a second echoed set of footsteps sounding like they're on concrete/pavement.. many times I've mistaken these steps for believing an enemy is following me, and it's really frustrating trying to tune out false footsteps and listen for real ones.

    Also, the parachute mechanics have changed, though not an issue, some mention of this in the patch notes would have been great. My first game after the new patch saw me landing in the sea trying to long fly to Novo, a jump that would normally have been easily landed.

    I know you have no affiliation with pubg Corp, but if you could possibly look into these yourself and include them in your videos, making them known, that would be great. Your pre patch videos tend to be quite accurate which makes me believe someone is paying attention to your content.

    Thanks for the videos dude!

  7. Right now on Xbox there’s a glitch where if u start to revive yo team m8 n walk away we’ll still holding x they well get up even if your miles away,me n my friend found it out by accident n we have won 5 games in a row lol

  8. Fixed nothing! If anything it made it worse. Still get kicked , still skate on buildings and rubber band. Now I fall through buildings and dangle by my neck from roof or get trapped behind stair cases.

  9. It seems like every patch, they break something that was working fine. Why would they make it so that when your in the map, all your buttons still do normal functions, like eject from vehicles, or switch weapons? Also, the sound is screwed up thru my headset now. I hear my own steps for a second or two after I stop moving. I've also had it happen where it sounds as if someone is running next to me, but it's also just my own steps with delay. So many times, I'm spinning around and it's no one, then I ignore the sound and it's actually someone coming up stairs behind me.

  10. i know you can't really help it and this is going to sound a bit ignorant probably but please fix your accent when talking you don't have to say stuff the way you say it you have great videos man I'm not hating I know that this is going to be booed by everyone for me saying this but just how you say something's make me want to stomp baby's heads in the ground

  11. "Applince" its pronounced "appercence" do you not know how to use R's? You leave letters out of your words i guess maybe you have a speech impediment

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