PUBG Xbox: Weekly Update #7 Patch Notes – Vehicle Changes, Input Lag, Inventory Fixes & More!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for Xbox One & PS4.
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Patch Notes –

In this Playerunknowns Battlegrounds video, we are going to be once again going over the latest Xbox and ps4 news. I wanted to talk about in this one the latest update for the game and go over the patch notes for Xbox one. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. Great plan guys. Honestly at this point id rather ditch this shit for fortnite. No respect for driveing skill at all. If this game doesn't have cars to actually change thing up it's more shallow than the free version.

  2. I have hit 3 people head one at 50+ and they walked away hoping the haven’t reduced damage that much as it’s a great way to deal with bridge campers

  3. I feel like I watch so many videos of people playing pubg xbox one x and the fps looks stable almost the entire time and for the most part pretty smooth. I just got an x and the fps is horrible in pubg I mean I feel like I'm playing on a regular xbox one… anyone else having this issue?

  4. What needs to be there top priority is getting rid of team killers. They are really ruining the game and there has been hardly any justice for this problem. I get team killed almost every day i play in teams for the dumest reasons.

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