1. I like how you have to hold x to reload, say if you accidentally hit x in a gunfight you'll reload then get killed while doing so, holding it is a welcome feature imo.

  2. They need to sort the graphics rendering out. If you look in the distance there is no grass anywhere so if you are hiding in a cornfield/grassy area there is no grass to hide you until they get closer. This has only happed after last patch

  3. Is anyone else feeling the combat has gone down? No more loot, places taking forever to load in, falling through walls, aimbots, and even worse gun battles suck now and armor seems to be even across the playing field no matter what level of armor it is. I have put so many bullets now in to people and they just don’t die but I get hit 3-4 times I’m down. Fought a level 1 armor guy and I had level 2 armor and I lost a gun battle, has happened so much now.

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