PUBG Xbox One X vs Xbox One Patch 2 Frame-Rate Test

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PUBG’s second update (maybe the third – though this seems to have been server-side upgrade) analysed on both Xbox One and Xbox One X. Across eight games, we saw a clear performance advantage in traversal and firefights for Xbox One X users, with the base Xbox One struggling more.

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  1. 500€ for 20-30fps…? I build a pc for a friend with that budget and it runs it on high at stable 100fps :/

    No hate i own both the PS4 and Xbox One but i think the xbox one x is overpriced AF

  2. I still dont understand how a game thats so terrible looking can perform so bad. tbh I dont see how its selling so good, battle royales are fun, but the developer literally only did the bare minimum on the technical front

  3. Game runs like shit on high end pcs idk why you're even bothering trying to play this on a console. Playerunknown is trash, won't optimize his game and spends his time crying about other companies rather than optimizing his shit game so people can actually run it

  4. Man, 30 fps just looks horrible. >.> Glad I quit caring about consoles years ago shit just looks bad. I don't know how people can play an FPS like this with a controller it just looks way too hard to shoot people when moving. O.o I don't understand the logic of Microsoft trying to make most of their new games for the Xbox One X 4k at 30fps? I mean If they made PubG 1080p 60fps vs 4k 30fps it would look better, feel better, play better, sadly not run too much better because it's just not optimized at all. A game like this shouldn't be played with 30 fps and under it's just silly and even in "4K" it looks like shit on console. Honestly it's kinda like it's Pay to win on the Xbox since the Xbox One suffers from big fps hits during fights.

  5. Really hope this game picks up and is at least playable to the point where you can enjoy it and not just get pissed off at it. Gonna be getting my Xbox one x in a few weeks(ps4 pro user).

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