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Well, the first of the two big PUBG releases this month hit today with PUBG releasing on Xbox. It’s capped at 30 FPS and the inventory system is… a game all its own. Check out more below:

Sennheiser/Massdrop PC37x –

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Gear/PC Specs:
Gaming PC:
i7-8700K @ 5.0Ghz:
Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix:
G.Skill Trident Z 3200:
Samsung 950 Pro SSD:
Asus PG258Q Monitor:
Massdrop Vast 35″ Monitor:
Logitech Orion Spectrum:

Streaming PC:

Ryzen 1700:
B350 Tomahawk:
Toshiba 6TB:
Seagate 4TB:
Elgato HD 60 Pro:

Audio Setup:

Boom Arm:

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  1. Don’t get why all these pc players are getting so mad at the fact this games on console now. If you don’t like it don’t play it. I’m having a blast on it on Xbox regardless of the faults it has

  2. I️ get that looting is bad, but why are you complaining about a confirmation screen to attach? It allows you to choose which gun you want, and so that you don’t accidentally attach something.

  3. But to be honest, we can see the Moses really doesnt have any experience at all with a controller lol. He aims like me in shooting games, and i only on play the peasant console at friends houses and suck ass at it. Dont own my own, don't want one.

  4. I see that the PC fan boys came to bash on the Xbox one X.. of course they come and use this ‘game preview’ work in progress to make a statement. Whether you like it or not, the Xbox one X has made PC gaming almost obsolete. Now that games in 4K are running at 60 FPS steady, there just isn’t much reason the buy an expensive gaming PC that does the same thing. Don’t bother telling me that your pc gets above 60 FPS, and gets 120 or 150fps.. anything above 60 is barely even visible. The only time you can see 120/150 being any smoother than 60fps is pretty much to watch it in slow motion. The console world has now come up to par with the gaming PCs.. for about 1/3rd the price. Insert your pc fanboy comment below.

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  6. The game in its current state is a complete mess, and it is inexusable to sell it even with a warning.

    I understand that a pre release will have issues, but not like this. The game freezes completely quite often, and I have to restart and pray that I am alive. It lags soo bad that I get stuck in stuff rendering in. Cant land on rooftops because I get stuck in the roof. Loot render waay after I drop in and I have to reach for it about a hundred times before I pick it up. I teleport back and fourth between positons whenever there is a gun battle, so aiming is no piont. That is just the worst flaws.

    I have never played a beta this unfinished

  7. I'm an Xbox player that just recently got this game and I am coming from playing Battlefield and Call of Duty (Both I played competitively). I would say that this is an amazing game, but with a few major issues that if addressed, would make for a literally perfect game. The first major issue is that aiming in this game is definitely harder than in those games I mentioned earlier, but I believe that to be the lack of aim assist you mentioned in your video. Even so, tracking a target is much harder on console than PC anyway, because we have to use joysticks. This has greatly impacted my strategy, as close quarters combat in a lot of ways can be a crapshoot as to who gets a random headshot first if you both see each other and neither of you can gain a tactical advantage (shotguns are hard to use because of the combination of aiming issues and the time between shots for those weapons). This also has definitely lead the second issue of players just running people over with cars to win the game when the circle closes on an open field, which is really annoying because it lacks skill, and when you get to the top 10 with amazing gear only to be run over by the car, it can be really infuriating. Lastly, the game crashing mid game has been a massive issue for many players including myself, where you have to hope no one kills your player (or hope your player doesn't run/drive into the water) while you are not connected to the server. However, even with all of these issues, this has become my favorite game on Xbox just because of the pure tactical play at times, especially in duo and squad mode with some of my buddies. It has a realistic feel to it, simialar to playing scenario paintball, which is another activity I enjoy immensily.

  8. People complaint about the graphics and such are quite annoying. This isn’t the finished game and if you say this isn’t a fun game then you’re dumb.. with all the problems the xbox pubg has this game is
    still fun as hell!

  9. For god sake… some people just make everything into something difficult.
    When this first dropped on the PC it was a bit of a mess, playable but still… bit of a mess.
    Now I have a high end PC, but also have a PS Pro, and an XB1S and now an X.
    I love gaming on any platform! Now I hear people say that using mouse and keyboard is so much better than anything else.. but truly for me, I hate it and use a pad whenever I can.
    I’ve played against people on a KB and Mouse while I’m on a pad on COD etc and absolutely trounced them because it’s something I’m used to.
    Now with games like this yes! It’s easier to use a KB & Mouse, but the way some people are talking it’s like you need a degree and the patience of a saint to get the same results on a pad! It’s just ridiculous.
    If you really want to use a KB on any game then it’s simple, buy a xim4, get the app on your smartphone… download the game pre set up and then you have a KB & Mouse combo on any game you like on your PS or Xbox.
    But as for PUBG, whether your playing it on the S or the X, don’t compare the early version of PUBG on these platforms to the one people are playing right now on the PC! Because that is just ridiculous, it’s been well established in its early form on PC and it’s still extremely new to console.
    The FACTS are.. on Xbox, the start is VERY laggy, the plane and drop is EVEN MORE so… but once you land it’s actually alright, not fantastic when a lot is on screen but it’s still a very good laugh to play and I’ve personally sunk several hours into the game so far and when you know that they are making improvements all the time, it just helps you to rest easy that it’s going in the right direction.
    If you have an Xb1S then its a fun game worth £24:99. If you’re on the X, it’s just a bit smoother and obviously still worth it.

  10. The looting system is shit compared to pc but you made it so much more complicated. Also, attaching pieces to your gun and moving them around is easy. Target that accessory on that certain weapon then just put it on what ever gun you want.

  11. Of course this game can run better than 30 fps 1. It's on medium settings on the one x and the og Xbox very low , 2. It would be unfair to get solid 60 and og be left behind , if the original didn't matter and you put the Xbox one x to the low settings it would piss it , but Microsoft are trying to boast about its graphics, my PC with a gtx 980 struggles solid 60 on the one x settings ! Yes I get 100 fps sometimes but it also drops below 50 the game is just an un optimised mess but yet so fun!

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