PUBG Xbox One Update #9 – Way Smoother Gameplay

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Let’s go over the new update for PUBG.

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  1. They didn't get rid of the island you moron. What made you come to this conclusion? You were just READING THE FUCKING NOTES. It's still there. I was there after the patch. They just added new spawn locations. If you fucking bothered to actually read the notes you would have read that they removed the WEAPONS from the spawn island. No sub.

  2. He also only tests the game in FPP. I like FPP and it's more challenging. But, everyone with a brain knows that the game runs better in TPP and is easier on the eye. Yet he didn't drop once in his shit vid. Thumbs down. He even hides his likes and dislikes lmao.

  3. Thanks for the video I’ll be looking forward to the next update review, definitely better than most I’ve seen. Also I have an Xbox one and I’ve noticed a damn good improvement so far. Typically around 85% of the time (before update 9) my red dot and holograph sights were freaking blurry, I honestly thought that’s how they were supposed to be for a while until they just randomly become crystal clear. I’ve played a few rounds today and so far my sights have been consistently clear with no blurry shit

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