PUBG Xbox One: New Squad Mode Update! Play as a 3 Man Squad

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Welcome back to another PUBG video. This update is a rather important one because it allow squads to play as a actual squad rather having distrust for a random player to join your 3 man. Now Bluehole adds in trio for squads to join in with your friends! Leave a like and subscribe if you want more or if you enjoy PUBG content.

Patch Notes:

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β–Ί The equipment I use!
The headset I use –
How I record my gameplay –

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  1. Why would you team kill your random? Trust issues? They're on your team, bro. I'm sorry but that's just wrong. Jesus, do you team kill on every game that has friendly fire? I assume not, so I'm baffled why you would on this game. ESPECIALLY this game…

  2. The update changed absolutely nothing when it comes to squads. You could queue for squad with 3 people before and just uncheck the Autofill checkbox and even after the update you still get queued against 4 man squads in 3 man squad queue. So if you ended up with a random in your team thats only because the one that made ur group was either blind or forgot about the checkbox. This video is a waste of time and you are a scumbag. I hope you lose very single sub.

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