PUBG Xbox One – Desert Map and Improvements! (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)

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  1. The game doesn't even crash anymore. Haven't crashed on the daily since like the first month I owened the game when I got it in late December.

  2. I really hope they have the buildings render in faster. I know if you buy a new Xbox it renders faster, but why would I buy an Xbox one X when I could build a decent gaming PC for equal price? There's nothing more annoying than being killed right away because your enemy rendered in 2 seconds faster than you.

  3. You forgot to mention the building and loot loading time. Every time I land on top of an apartment, I get anxious about phasing through the invisible walls and ceilings and then getting physically stuck between furniture 10 seconds later. It really breaks the game when 40 people land in a hot zone and you can't even pick up loot.

  4. In settings there needs to be a xbox one x and xbox one toggle
    If everyone is on the same generation of console i image itd run a lot more smoothly

  5. Your videos always answer my questions and I just want to add that I appreciate that you cover both console and pc, it keeps many people from having to find someone who covers one or the other, instead we can come here and have the best of both worlds. Thanks for that

  6. Got 2 back to back wins w/ my friends on xb1 earlier, and we were literally about to win the third game, in final circle… Then me and one of my squadmates lag out of the match… I have a gaming pc w/ an i5 6600k and 1060 6gb that runs pubg perfectly, but i play on xb1, bc all my friends play xbox, so I'm all for fixing the game before new maps, personally. The framerate on the original xb1 is TERRIBLE. Its playable, but coming from mainly gaming on a pc, its reallllllyyyyy bad, honestly

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