PUBG Xbox: Next Update, Best Sensitivity Settings + Channel Update

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for Xbox One & PS4.
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In this Playerunknowns Battlegrounds video, we are going to be once again going over the latest Xbox and ps4 news. I wanted to talk about in this one the next update for the game and go over what are the best sensitivity settings, plus a quick update on the channel. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. The key with epic moments is posting less frequently while you let the video submissions pile up therefore giving you more epic quality content to choose from.

  2. Has anyone else had problems with shot registration? I'm on og Xbox with prob not best internet, which I thought could maybe factor in but I can't tell ya the times I've sprayed ppl in the face in cqc only to get killed one or two shots later. Sometimes it says you was killed by headshot but more times than not it says you was killed with M16 Scar-L, whatever gun, but it is just really frustrating to spray someone's face only to get killed after they shoot once or twice.

  3. Lunar, mate, what the hell happened to the Skyrim mods? That was the reason I subscribed. I would like it if you actually saw and replied to this comment please.

  4. I just don't see how people can play with these low sensitivities that these vids always suggest. Tried low settings but at closer ranges the person I'm shooting is always strafing back and fourth and moving faster than I can actually move my targeting reticule… Usually results in what can be best described as a game of chasey against Usain Bolt, with my unfit self being the targeting reticule. at the moment I have my shoulder aim set to the max sensitivity, which I use to take out people who are relatively close, and my 2x / 4x at the 7 and 6 respectively which I use to take out enemies that are out of my shoulder aim range. It seems to work a lot better. This being said, no mater what settings you use, the games controls are a sloppy mess.

  5. Plenty of other streamers play PUBG full time. You have to be very good, not just tips, but you getting dinners and streams of you getting dinners, full game Fridays etc.

  6. Even with 0 aim acceleration there is some delay to get to full speed, you will see this if you take your camera and hold it one way(doing a 360 with only camera) it starts off very slow and gets faster over time, there is a 2 sec delay on pretty much no matter the setting … annoying af

  7. hey Lunargaming do you know if xbox will get a new map??? and if so how does it work will we be allowed to choose the map before we start??? thanks man and great videos!

  8. my best sensitivity options

    General sensitivity: 6
    Vehicle sensitivity: 6
    Targeting sensitivity: 4
    Scoping sensitivity: 4
    2x: 3
    4×: 3
    8×: 3
    15×: Doesn't matter because i never get one
    aim acceleration: 9

    I've gotten to the top ten with these setting so try it out guys and tell me what ya'll think

  9. Lunar if you want feedback from players that are rated high on the leaderboard I can give you info on tips given that I float in the top 20 for NA solos FPP. Just let me know.

  10. Was gonna watch this video but, you were talking about yourself for several minutes.Just get to the point. Where here to watch a game guide not a life story. Just keep informative. Just a suggestion.

  11. I hate how you draw it out talking and talking and talking. This video could have simply been a screenshot. Save the bullshit for a different gideo. Fuck dude.

  12. 10 is definitely the right setting if you want aim acceleration off, there are many videos that compare 0 and 10. you can see 10 is consistent speed all around and 0 it starts slow and very slowly speeds up. with the aim acceleration at 10 I did find I needed to drop my sensitivity down a couple notches compared to the default aim acceleration setting, but after that the aiming is great

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