PUBG Xbox: 5 Biggest Changes We Need In The Next Update (Bugs, Gameplay, Meta)

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for Xbox One & PS4.
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In this Playerunknowns Battlegrounds video, we are going to be once again going over the latest Xbox and ps4 news. I wanted to talk about in this one the next update for the game and go over the changes we want to see, in regards to the current state of the game, including the car meta, changes to gameplay. bugs and more. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. Make the aiming a little more smooth, get rid of aiming acceleration, fix the crashing, I don't really crash that much since I'm on the one x but all my friends crash 4x as much as I do and add first person only mode.

  2. Aim assist ruins everything if they're going to add it they better add a separate mode to play with it on.
    It's ruined COD
    If you're playing with the controller learn how to use it!
    Don't ruin it for everybody else because you can't aim!

  3. More loot and the shit FPS and lag. I don’t give a damn about anything else but them two. I’m tired of looting for 10 minutes and even get two kills with a pistol and still don’t find any rifles or smg’s. Not even on their body. Fucking ridiculous

  4. No aim assist I’m lucky because I would always turn it off in other games anyways bc I didn’t like that pull to certain spots and with vehicles I just aim at the tires to take them out

  5. if they don't add any kind of aim assist or at least improve the aiming mechanics, the game will be dead in a few months. It is just not like battlefield or rainbow six, where the mechanics work well, so that you can hit targets without assist. A controller, unlike a mouse on PC, is just imprecise, so there has to be some kind of optimization to make it an enjoyable experience. Look at Fortnite, it works just fine and the gameplay is much more enjoyable. It is just frustrating to miss every shot, if the enemy is right in front of you, because the aiming and movement feel so clunky on console. In addition to perfomance problems this should be their priority when it comes to improving the game.

  6. Any1 else get the problem when they land and the house is all deformed and you can run through the walls but when it spawns in u can get stuck in the walls, I have gotten stuck in the walls about 20 times it's so annoying

  7. Brandon Greene is fucking dumb cunt, this game has the worst shooting mechanics in world, TARKOV, ARMA, SQUAD are realistic this shit isnt, this is just another pathetic shooter that somehow has popularity when it's never should have gotten any

  8. Make it so holding LT aims down sights, rather than tapping LT.

    Adjust the gunplay/make the aiming whilst in 1st/3rd person more smooth and more like a console shooter.
    (May just be a case of having making the game 30+ FPS…)

  9. Yeah I prefer how it is without the aim assist it challenges me on how you are supposed to play and it shows who knows how to play and who doesn't. And I like the adrenaline in gun fight.

  10. You don’t come across rubber banding or lag or game crashing as much on call of duty rainbow six siege or overwatch they prefected that and you can’t you have to and do it in one year get you sh*t together you lazy f**king coders and animators

  11. Especially when the game is already glitchy as hell for me cause I’m on Xbox fuck yeah I think there should be a little assistance of a person chooses . A person cant help if their game is lagging or glitchy so I think that’s a fair trade for it . Don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks to be honest . Just lookin for an argument

  12. These computers players already have an advantage they are more accurate with their guns and probably not as laggy. But I sense their scared of aim assist becomes a thing they’ll actually be evenly matched and get wrecked by a console player .

  13. They should make a count down where all cars will explode when the circle gets small enough that would be hilarious to see people accidentally die from car explosion XD

  14. I’ve got an issue with getting team killed while joining random squad matches, I’ve been team killed at least 4 times just so that the other 3 faggots in a squad can take my loot.

  15. Alot of things talked about in chat are fixed lol like first person only lobbies and he said he didn't think they will add 3man squads which they did lol the controller Input lag was fixed at least I noticed a difference in that… Great things to come with pubg cnt wait for the new map to come

  16. Or not even being able to play it the game never loads past the 1st screen I just get to an all white screen that says loading lobby and never goes any further I can deal with the crashing and server problems if I could actually play the game I'd be really happy iv owned it since release and reported it in ever forum and so on iv reinstalled it 27 times factory restored my Xbox and everything that Microsoft has told me and still nothing I Don't want a refund just some dam help

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