PUBG WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep 108 (playerunknown’s battlegrounds Plays)

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PUBG WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep 108 (playerunknown’s battlegrounds Plays)
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IMPORTANT Hi, I am trying to create a PUBG community with this channel and also make little streamers known. If you appear in the video and you don’t want to, please, contact me and i will solve it! Thank you so much!


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  1. This game needs this: Better engine and graphics, More weapons and vehicles and armor, Vehicle customization, No bugs and glitches, respawn points, you can optimize the playing time and other game options, and a dynamic world. I really hope this game gets a part 2 with all the points i write down, than i will buy an console again and play this all day long.

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