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In this video I cover the new record concurrent players, the 1.5 million cheaters that were banned, my personal issues with Miramar and the Mid-Game, as well as the recent lag/rubberbanding patch and its results. More down below:


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  1. About the last comment about server tick rates and hit registration if every time you kill someone on your computer the kill always goes through then it would be a lot easier for hackers. Also when two snipers shoot each other with a kill shot then the person who shot first gets the kill. This is because of bullet travel and was made by design.

  2. That's because you're playing like a CODboi running around picking a fight always. Miramar doesn't offer an advantage to "less" skilled player it's just you play like a 12 year old boy playing COD picking unnecessary fights. Positioning and location is one of the things that leads to victory, those "hills" and "ditches" you say that gives the advantages are made are normal spots in the map they are made like that for cover and areas to fight. People that pushed ahead and avoided conflict have a better position and they are there because they chose to push early and get positioned and while you're COD mentality is looking for enemies and killing them on sight you might win yeah but that compromises your position which those who are in ideal covering and space can take an advantage and shit on you. The game is about patience and positioning, not who's got the "'most skills" keep playing like the game is COD I assure there will be better much more patient people that will be able to kill you from +500m away.

  3. How bad and often are cheaters on pc? I play on xbox and don’t have to worry about cheaters but the game crashes really suck also low fps

  4. When I play PUBG I have terrible freezing for like 1-5 minutes after I jump out of the plane, it will freeze for 20 seconds, run for 5, then freeze. When it's done freezing it runs smooth. Doesn't happen every game, about 95%. I can run DOOM on high just fine no lag, it's just this game. All settings are on very low, Fullscreen.

  5. 3 million players, 1.5 million hackers. I love this game but am taking a break until they get rid of the high amount of hackers and implement a region/ping lock.

  6. Miramar complaints is pretty much "I don't like the fact that I can't see 2 miles in every direction, so I have to keep looking around and I'm forced to play CQB sometimes. I just want to use a fully kitted sniper rifle to get kills on people who only have an AR with a red dot so they can't fight back effectively."

  7. Hey Moses great channel had an encounter with a hacker got shot did the kill cam and found the person was on the upper floor of the building I was in they were aiming at the floor and moving around then 2 shot and I was dead. after I thought about what had happened I thought that guy was hacking. I don't really get why people hack it takes away from the whole experience of the game you didn't win the game you cheated.

  8. The undulating terrain gets rid of the vanishing grass problem.
    On Errengal, someone lying in the long grass is almost invisible at 50m, but is a clear target at range, which is totally bonkers.
    On Miramar, players can use the terrain, which provides constant coverage at both long and short range.

    The rugged terrain also makes driving interesting. Often is simply safer to hit the main roads to get around, which leaves open opportunities for ambushes. (I've ambushed, and been ambushed. It's fun)

    Then there is shooting from behind cover. On Errengal, you can shoot from bushes and long grass, almost undetected. On Miramar, you have better protection behind small hills, but you have to leave cover to take a shot. It makes for more interesting gun battles.

    The Miramar landscape leads you to get up close and personal for those get kills. There are some opportunities for long range kills, but certainly less than on Errangal. Being picked off by a sniper is annoying. Going out in a blaze of glory during a pitched gun battle at 20 paces is fun.

  9. I'd like to get looted quicker on Miramar. I'd be out and looking for another fight in the second circle if I weren't still looking for attachments, ammo and Lvl 2 armour sometimes even an AR.

  10. I still couldn't believe that this game had made a half a billion dollars just from early access sales, not counting crate purchases, and that was a week after its release on Xbox weeks before most xmas sales. How can a team with basically unlimited money still have such a broken ass fucking game with 300k tournaments etc!?!? There's not one single excuse for this game still having all these ridiculous problems that have been here since day 1, and for such a horrible/lazy ass excuse for a console port?

  11. player base has matured… nah fam if it had mastured it would be people jumping not at hasienddddddddddda and pocadooooooooooo. in squads especially it is underwelming to have everyone jump those two spots. I think they should nerf the loot and buff surrounding areas like they did with school and military.

  12. It's due to having too many server side processes with not enough server tick stability. Games like DAYZ had those processes handled client side and much faster. But with no client side security a cheater would tell the server they picked up the best gear. 3x server requirement of csgo. Half the latency. Delayed server confirmations and loot database with sound layers close to far away.

  13. Smth that improove the emptiness of the desert map you say… Well for my perspective – nothing, as i hate that ugly map. But the "gap" created by rapid player count decrease might be adressed by the size of the next zone. So the size would reflect by the amount of remaining players (the less alive the smaller). So you would have to move longer distsnces. But i would keep the speed to not royally screw ppl that jumped further away… And yes, it would be a lot better if the enemy and i can kill each other, rather then gambling who gets his hit registered first by the server (and i'm still dreaming it might get to game someday, after hit registration, sound mixing and server lag issues are gone…).

  14. Can anyone help me? I just got the game and I have all the requirements for the game. I double checked everything but I am super super laggy and the only way I can play is if I put all the setting on very low. I have Dayz and it runs super smooth and even bigger games that work fine. Can anyone help?

  15. The cheating issue is still pretty bad. I've encountered at least 5 in the past week myself. Random kills from people far away with zero line of sight. Like getting killed by a guy just ouside Mylta with an UMP while I was inside a building in Novo…so they shot over/through a hill to hit me. The new reporting tool is nice, but we have zero idea if it's working as well as we'd hope

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