PUBG War on Cheaters | New Anti Cheat Patch/Update Next Week | Perma Ban vs Account Suspended

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There’s been a massive increase of complaints among the PUBG community specifically surrounding cheaters, hackers, and teamers in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Here is the Bluehole Developer’s latest response and counter measures to the pubg cheating epidemic.

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  1. I have 600 hours all my friends have 700+ no one has ever seen cheater 🙂 But I have seen a lot of teamers you know what was kinda funny we found some Slovaks .. (Like me) and what I think there arent too much Slovaks in pubg but we went into zharki and some guys were using voice chat in slovak language so we let them be becouse we had guns and they had like pans 😀 and at the end of the game last 2 guys were them 😀 we won It was kinda teaming but funny at the same time. and Once i died in georgopool becouse i saw 2 guys shooting each and other so I started to go at them and they killed me and started looting me both of them came to my corpse … they were just pretending that they are shooting each and other. 😀 Reported 😀 Sry for bad english

  2. 500+ hrs , only got killed 3 times by a cheater ( and it was 1 weak ago in the same day .. never seen a cheater b4 nor after ) .. as for teamers.. i never noticed ..

  3. Had lots of cheaters especially na and as servers right after the leaderboard was reset. Every game for a couple of days was riddled with them

  4. 400+ I think in 85% of all games (NA servers) are cheaters, we personal have cheaters in 1 of 4 games. Mostly aimbots and/or ESPs. But thats absolutly clear when a game uses Battleye, since Dayz Mod one of the worst anticheat programs on the market. Bastian sucks!

  5. Just a few minutes ago i was playing. I heard someone above me so i moved to get them when they came down stairs then boom he head shot me threw the floor, comes down and loots me. Idk if its a cheat or a bug.

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