PUBG: Vaulting Test Server & Updates!

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PUBG vaulting gameplay, and then details on the update. There are more tweaks including bullet drag and optic changes.
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  1. i hate that they are releasing this game on xbox at the current time. The devs promised optimization and putting pc users first and they have gone back on their word because they want to make more money. I just don't think they should be releasing the game before it is ready to be released, xbox users are going to have serious fps issues.

  2. I love this game been watching stone since May I'm excited to hear it's coming out on Xbox the one thing i wish this game did was use currency as a buy in to each game instead of paying for an account it would make competition so much more fierce imagine each life costing you real money and then chicken diners you would get the payout minus the percentage the developers take away from each pot

  3. I don't play pubg, not really my thing but I do watch people play it. Did it always have that diagonal leaning or is that a newer thing as well?

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  5. It's crazy to see how many PC gamers do not want this game to come to console . As a PC and Console owner , I don't see the big deal . A game that I enjoy playing is now broadening it's gamer base so more people can get hands on . I love it , can't wait for the 12th

  6. Stone Mountain more bullet drag and drop is not more realistic in this case because the first bullet drag n drop was perfect. You non gun owners don’t understand shooting passed 100 meters

  7. nice to hear about the new map. got a little unlucky with the first one, played through it in only like 10 tries. hope to get some more gametime out of the next one.

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