PUBG Update: Vaulting Patch is SO GOOD. Map Changes + Optimization – Battlegrounds Gameplay

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I spent a lot of time on the test server trying all the new content. There are a BUNCH of undocumented changes, and I go over most of them in the video. See below for more:

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  1. No game sound because all my audio had my dumb voice in it. Trying to find a solution for that for instances where I need to do voiceover on stream footage.

  2. I hadn't noticed the FPS increase AT ALL. I had 45-60 FPS on the main client (45 in the worst cases,plane with 30fps excluded) , and exactly the same on the test servers.
    I'm the only person out of my friends with an AMD graphics card while all my Nvidia card friends feel increase with every patch so that might be the issue…
    I also feel that my card is way above what should be needed for a game like this to run at a solid 60 fps on lowest settings, and that is all I want from this shitty game

  3. The live game is boring and feels not good after the playing the test. Vehicles are actually fun. They went from feeling like driving in RuneScape to better vehicle physics than GTA V imo

  4. If you thought the last test server was good OMG the server right now is amazing with all the HUD changes and damage updates and kill cam feeds and way more. It’s a completely different game

  5. Not sure how weapon skins would work, Do you think they would be random skins spawned in the world or change to your personal skin when you pick them up?

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