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Formerly known as Codenam Savage, PUBG’s 4×4 map is returning tomorrow. Here’s the patch notes for the update.


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  1. We got husstled console players, these fuckers at pub g made a half finished game and released round christmas time to make a profit which i get it. But how and the fuck is pc getting a fucking update after update and a new map and we aint got shit in about 2 months.

  2. I'm Thai if that's thai word it read "Sah-nook" it's mean fun xd but it also mixed with Philippines "Mahok" maybe it really read Sanhok. I have no idea xd

  3. Yeah lets Fuck up the guys who fight and get caught in Action outside the safe zone, after it hard shifts multiple Times, by dropping even more redzones on them 👍 ggwp blueballs

    Btw Nice to See Bangkok sancock getting back

  4. Sanhok is a Nepalese map and takes place somewhere around there, probably one of the islands surrounding it.

    Sanhok means "cautious" in Nepalese.

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