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Recent updates have been designed to improve the server performance in PUBG. But is it working? The devs have also acknowledged some issues that they have added to a public list. Check out the links from the video down below:


Support the channel:

Known/Resolved Issues:

Server Improvements:

Gear/PC Specs:
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i7-8700K @ 5.0Ghz:
Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix:
G.Skill Trident Z 3200:
Samsung 950 Pro SSD:
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Massdrop Vast 35″ Monitor:
Logitech Orion Spectrum:

Streaming PC:

Ryzen 1700:
B350 Tomahawk:
Toshiba 6TB:
Seagate 4TB:
Elgato HD 60 Pro:

Audio Setup:

Boom Arm:

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  1. Awesome overview with all the info I was looking for… and damn those clips lol. I think I'll need to catch your twitch stream some time

  2. I haven't played PUBG for about 3 weeks because the OC server is infested with Chinese hackers in almost every single game. I'd rather spend time on something I can actually enjoy.

  3. I'm not convinced the servers are getting better, because fairly regularly I die from shots that hit me during a firefight AFTER I reach cover.

    Very frustrating, I don't know if it's general latency or what else it could be, I guess it's possible I'm being killed by shots going through solid objects, but it feels more like hits registering late or my movements not showing on their screen in time.

    I don't know, but it's been happening more recently, and I can never be sure if I was legitimately bested or if I died to a poor connection.

    Does anybody else have this issue? I don't believe it's on my end.

  4. I want a slower moving blue towards, higher damage, and a quicker countdown.

    Atleast make the blue slow enough so you can run it in from any side of the next zone (first zone as is is perfect)
    And next damage over time should start when counter finishes, not when it reaches the next zone.
    Its like the 4th to 5th zone (maybe 5th to 6th) that if you get caught in it… you are basically dead.
    You have a better chance at running it in and getting shot, than you do taking a fight and getting X'd by the playzone.

  5. the biggest constructive criticism i can offer… put a roll off on the low frequencies of you audio… like 40hz and below would do wonders… just to much overwhelming low end on your voice for the setup you're using

  6. Simply don’t play anymore because of hacks. Two games in a row is a waste of an hour and a half of my time. The only chance we have as gamers is to stop playing, without such drastic measures the devs will not escalate the problem. Please region lock! Thanks for you content Moses truly enjoy.

  7. I find it funny that you actually believe they are doing anything about the cheating. They don't care and they don't fight it because of the money they make from that playerbase.

  8. Until they fix the disconnect bug in squads where you can't see your disconnected teammate's nameplate or on the map after they reconnect, I refuse to play the game any further. The game doesn't load correctly half the time anyways and so it's a total crapshoot to play squads.

  9. I might not have the most popular opinion but I want to be able to go to any region and compete as the playerunknown and I want to be able to play and with my brothers and sisters in Asia. What I would however do is sign up for a league with admins like counterstrike used to have and pay for it to only really play in games without people cheating.

  10. I agree as long as they are not willing to fix the ping issue the game really cant be fixed.when you play with some one from china even if they are not hacking the 2-300 ping is a huge problem. They must add ping lock. As for people who would not have a server should get one going in there area from either the game dev,steam or a private manor. An auto select as you suggest wont work. If it goes off average ping someone who plays late at night like I do would be "out voted" and get an over seas server. In my opinion if they do not do something with the ping nothing else matters as ping alone is almost a hack if they just use ping lock the china people can all hack against each other and we here in NA get players with stable ping and reduction in hacker for close to 75% from the last number i seen on the issue. Just a few thoughts. They better do something because I'm sure its not long before another company comes out with something just like PUBG under another title. If they do fix the ping problem it would take over in a matter of days.

  11. My games are so desynced i legit dont know what to do. I can shoot 20 bullets into a guys head then i die without him shooting and then i watch replay and i didnt shoot while he did………… It cost me so many wins someone knows what i could do? Or do i just uninstall until the devs wake up

  12. In public games, mid games are 30 people average. maybe less. What about in comp where 4th-5th circles and sometimes beyond still have 50 people alive and most driving during rotation?

  13. I LOVE pubg with my Squad. I play everyday! It's a bit sad to be at a constant disadvantage with the Ping as a South African player. But hey, what can we do? Like the suggestions and the informative videos
    Keep it up Moses!



  14. I dont believe locking out an entire country is the answer to the cheating. You just end up punishing people who are not cheating. Other games handles cheating better without discrimination.

  15. auto picking servers doesnt really sound like all that good of an idea. its a fix to a problem that shouldnt even be a problem. fk china, region lock them out of NA EU and OC. there are servers closer to them that they can play on.

  16. About the region lock i think it is really shitty. I live in the middle east and technically it's in Asia. If i play at Asia i'd get around 300 compared to 80-140 in EU

  17. Hackers for days, so many people are scripting, the Aka and Sks with no recoil and the fire rate of a vector……. Yeah nar that's plain cheating.

    The issue is, these aren't kids using their mums credit card. These are out right Chines BP farmers, if Blue hole drops the skin trade from their buisness model for the time being, you will see a good 80% drop in games with hackers.

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