PUBG UPDATE: New Weapon Skins Leak! Snow Map Clues! – BATTLEGROUNDS PATCH NEWS

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The datamining site responsible for previous info has leaked a ton of new weapon skins including SNOW digital camo and various others. Check out the Massdrop Vast:

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  1. I dont care about the skins, and I HATE that games now feel like there is a requirement to include microtransactions. The game is fun as fuck, and my only wish is for them to optimize it better and get it truly "E-Sports ready". Im indifferent about the skins. Id rather them bring back my character's camel toe.

  2. I see so many people in these comments complaining about this. Saying they'll uninstall and it's stupid, and a waste of time. But I know for a fact that almost every. single. last one of these criers are going to open the steam shop the second they're out and buy the damn things. Who the fuck do you think you're fooling? You're just as bound to your ego and desire to look cool in a video game as literally every other player. Get off your high horse you pretentious liar.

  3. I support non infringing micro transactions. As long as they keep it for cosmetics only AND none of the cosmetics give any player any sort of advantage AND if they game doesn't focus and build around it, then have at it. Maybe with the revenue they can finally fix some of the main problems

  4. jesus , fix the game , we don't need skins for guns , we already have the customization . So for add weapon skin they need increase the FOV or it is usless too

  5. Dude why 3d preview(skin-tracker preview) on ur PC looks like shit?! On my end its all smooth and cool. Btw u can zoom in/out with mouse wheel. Awesome video 😉

  6. I love the additions of skins. I understand they need micro transactions to continue to fund the games development but can they please keep the skins behind an achievement wall. For example, get 500 headshots with the kar 98 and unlock the Kar98 Weapon crate for a chance to get one of the gold skins. Or something along those lines.

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