PUBG Update: NEW DESERT MAP PHOTOS + MORE VAULTING PATCH DELAYS – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds News

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Playerunknown shares some new photos of the desert map, and also the patch with vaulting is still nowhere to be seen. I talk about it, and I show you some gameplay. More info down below!

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  1. I love the idea that the new Xbox team just looked at the code and rolled their eyes "are you guys fucking serious"… As a decent coder myself I know some of the issues the game has can only be explained by incompetence.

  2. I mean i payed for game i have gotten over 300 hours of fun in no tripple A title has ever giving me that much play time ESP for only 30$. People don't understand that Tripple A titles are worse they give you half the product at launch and then add DLC PACKS WITH THIS NEW CONTENT that should of been on launch but they just want all the money that people will give them because NEW

  3. it is so unoptimised, i will be very surprised when 1.0 is much much better… also maybe they delayed the update because of the tournaments! (go TSM)

  4. I think the localisation problem they are facing now is huge, I iguess you knew about that. As a person from post soviet country living in China now, I see how the local giant want to move this game in to the masses, and the Bluehole loves it i guess. And now they are just busy to sign all this papers around the world, they are richa AF now, meanwhile they doing it, the people who in charge about the game design and online stability part are just blowing coke. So they are not in much hurry.

  5. Honest question, how can you in one sentence admit the work and connections made by the console port advancing pc build and then in the next bemoan the fact that its "taking priority". How about some longer term thinking here. I get we as consumers are in the market for "now" but sometimes its patience and understanding that stops games from being every EA title or god forbid No Man's Sky.

  6. Moses. why you no full screen the screenshots ..?
    It's only 1/4th the size it could be. People with small monitors or people watching on a phone cant see shit! 🙁

    Next time please full screen it

  7. I've been looking for tips and stuff to just get better. Came across your videos and you are just putting out constant quality content. Keep it up dude.

  8. I am happy to play this game and when I am not I will leave and come back when theres something new. Right now its just addicting and I cannot get enough.

  9. Great video man. You really have summed up perfectly how I feel with the game at the moment. Love the game but it's feeling stale and getting bored now due to no new content. Releasing a new map would make a huge difference.

  10. Dev time is like dog years in reverse. A 1-2 week slip is nothing, it's easy to slip 6 months because of some unknown factor in code even if you didn't outsource all your development. If they get it out before Christmas I'll consider it a win. Give them some slack here, it's WAY harder than you think.

    Where you give them too much slack is the cheating and "slightly sensitive Chinese thing". Duo and Squad is unplayable unless you team up outside of their matchmaking system which is a pain. They need to add matchmaking filters where you can say 1) All my teammates must have a mic 2) speak English or whatever language you want. You can't start the game without answering some simple question in a language to prove you know it and you have to do a mic test. Of course you can skip both but you will only be paired with those that skipped.

    Cheating is tough but they could do so much better than they are doing now. I played a game yesterday where one guy killed 60+ people. We finally saw him when it was just down to him and our squad left. I know it's a hard problem to stop completely but it feels like almost nothing is being done.

  11. You people that have been playing talk so much shit and don't even realize the game is still pre-alpha. There are SO many people waiting for a finished game. So shut the fuck up.

  12. there is a simple fix that will remove the vast majority of cheaters instantly = delete the marketplace (where in game items are sold for real money). and DONE!
    the #1 reason we have so many cheaters is plain and simple: MONEY.
    no they will never stop 100%. but they can stop 99%+ with that one fix, then the anti-cheat can catch half of the remaining 1%..

  13. I'd like to see some new game modes introduced. There is still so much that can be done in the development of this game and I'm still excited to see where they end up going with it. What is one thing you guys would like to see in the game?

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