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  1. This game is not developed with the Western World in mind. The devs do not subscribe to the same cultural ideals as most Americans and Europeans. In Asia things like cheating and mis information are not seen as low brow or tactless. They consider sneaking skins in and leaving out pertinent update data as a positive if it works towards the short term goal. Pubg is a fun game and it's been alot of good times exploring this new craze of battle Royale. But the party is over, the American owned AAA devs are about to drop into the pond and there's not going to be room for PUBG. Pubg/Bluehole had a chance to scale up when they first hit the big sales numbers. They chose to mitigate risk and ride out this revenue stream as long as they can. I'm not mad at them but I also don't expect much. BlueHole took the money and ran months ago.

  2. Unfortunately the update also introduced massive lag spikes for many players. What really frustrates me is that they've got a lot of work to do on core mechanics/gameplay yet they keep holding out their hands for more money in the way of skins. I know it's different departments but it just gets frustrating.

  3. Nice vid, but what's even better is the comments from all the guys who hate pubgy, say it's broken and shit and all, and they can't wait for another BR to appear as the new messiah and yet they still play the game xD

  4. Great video wtfmoses, players are on the decline in the OC region and the focus on paid content is very disappointing.
    There is no reward system in place at all and one of the few things you can look forward to is maybe a skin but most of them require a $2.5 key..

  5. I believe PUBG as a game suffers a lot from outside pressure, i feel like they are afraid to say some things because people would just freak out, Thats why i feel they are confused or afraid of posting certain stuff and they keep defending themselves with "we will fix fps and desync soon", i feel like this thing is made more out of necessity so that the people stay more calm .

  6. I switched my headsets 7.1 surround on for the first time in over a year. And man is this a huge difference. Being able to immediately know where a sound is coming from is huge. Used to always have to do some searching for the sound when it was in Stereo.

  7. this game play footage really pisses me off. this is one of those bastards that shoots me and i know i should have killed them but somehow they always kill me first

  8. PUBG has put in things to help the partially blind and color blind i think its time to implement something for hearing impaired and deaf players. I have no directional sound it would be nice if i get hit a marker comes up on my screen for the direction the bullet came from, its nothing new in the fps world even golden oldies like Golden eye 64 red would appear on the side you were hit and so many other titles have this. its kinda unfair how loud foot steps are in this game, I can be near the apartments outside and someone from the next apartment over with a headset cranked up can have esp where I am with directional sound from my foot steps.

  9. How do these clowns come up with a game concept that is so good that it literally changes the industry but don’t tell you about a sound change? Wtf is that? It literally makes no sense

  10. 4:05 If only there was someway players could buy games during development so bluehole could be financed and develop the game before it was launched so that major changes could be made without infuriating anyone.

  11. Gun shots are much better but now footsteps are totally fucked atleast for me, its deffently changed people sound directly in front of me no matter where they are

  12. You know dolby atmos worked pretty well to justify sound direction and height in 3d, It's almost nauseating using it for the first few days.. Also are there echos in pubg now? I feel like you can locate shots by echos.. idk

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