PUBG UPDATE: M16 BUFF, BUG FIXES… NEW SKINS!? – Battlegrounds Patch Notes + Gameplay

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  1. Remove the red zone. Make the crate drop plane quieter. Make damage taking noise to the zone less violent. Make game more stable with better frames…. Orrr just make more skins for profit rather than making a better game.. Whatever

  2. fuck pubg been top 10 every mode on xbox one x but I just can't bare playing it anymore with the de sync and lag on servers it's horrible I won't be playing untill it's fully done so probs NEVER 😂🤣

  3. The sad fact is as a PUBG player since September with 950+ hours…..I've been having more FUN with the mobile version, or R.O.E.. The mobile version has A LOT of its own issues, but the Arcade mode is just so much more fun to play then vanilla PUBG. Bluehole lost my confidence a long time ago, and as of the last month or so they have also lost my attention and time….It was one hell of a run though eh boys!!!

  4. I've always loved using SMG in most shooter games yet I don't like the buffs on them in PUBG. I just don't want this game to sell out because of the pressure of Fortnite

  5. I play default skins because it makes the enemy underestimate you. it's sad, really. I want to consider it a cheap tactic but it's not my fault people obsess over petty shit.

  6. I know this is going to sound stupid but if they are going to bring out crates with keys at least make them somewhat fun to look at and open eg. CSGO Overwatch, in saying that the whole menu UI system and crate opening and receiving is terrible, feels like I'm using a browser with dial-up internet. Ohhhhhh and one more thing that bugs me and is such a small part of the game and has nothing to do with the update but still bugs me is the 7.62 revolver, why does it spawn with shells in it?

  7. I get that Pc pubg has been out a year longer than xbox pubg but fucksakes we don't get anything, on pc its patch after patch while we still have one map with alot of bugs. Even pubg mobile is getting more shit! Fuck pubg, we dont have skins, 2nd or even 3rd map, no new vehicle, shit fps and rendering, ill wait for Mavericks proving grounds

  8. Fuck this Money Money Crate Key shit!
    This lotterie sucks!
    Then give more crates without paying keys!
    I Love playing PUBG but this money making machine sucks. Give us more stuff for what we yet payed! New mods, new maps, custome server, dedicate server for competition!
    Fucking shit do more for the comunity less for money! Money will comme by it self! Give us crossplay. Give us some damn shit! Stop excuses!
    CS:GO did it! And it works since years!

  9. @wtfmoses they claim they implemented the buffs on the m16 but in actual testing it looks like the buffs arent there. Recoil actually increased and the first to second bullet jump seems to be exactly the same

  10. What's up Moses!

    Am I the only one noticing a Positional-Audio upgrade/change on this Update-13?
    More than a hand full of my buds that I team with were playing last night and we all noticed that not only was sound while under-ground (in places like Shelter in Miramar) but to our surprise, when we ended up in a town with elevation and heard shots, there is now a pitch shift in the audio frequency depending on how high or low you are looking. Which basically means that if you are getting shot from up above, and you are looking straight, you will be able to differentiate where those shots are now coming from instead of only relying on your vision. I later confirmed this when I heard someone using an Auto rifle while I was moving my mouse up and down rapidly with my eyes closed and then zeroed in on the sound only to confirm I was then staring directly at it when I re-opened my eyes.

    At first I thought maybe it was a Windows update to audio drivers (which they recently did that screwed up a lot of peoples microphones, so I figured they rolled out another update to correct/compensate for those issues), but apparently some people that are on Windows 7 are noticing this Audio sweetness in PUBG!

    I look forward to testing how accurate this is when actually "in" a building and hearing footsteps. It would be interesting to see (or hear) if there is now a better differentiation of the sound as opposed to how the sound was lightly altered by being muffled at a certain degree which you had to think about to figure out if it was above or below you, whereas now… it is much more positional with the audio direction.

    Just to clarify, I do "not" own a 7.1 surround sound headset. Nor am I using a fancy sound card. It is just a 2-Channel Stereo headset.
    Audio Technica ATH-M50x with a DAC (DAC Magic XS v2) for added volume/clarity.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this from other top tier reviewers like you!

  11. Kind of blows my mind…there are test servers for a reason so they can figure this shit out without having to constantly patch the game. The game is continuously changing and the inconsistency is annoying. Test Servers my FPS was fantastic before the major patch…after it went live, my FPS went to shit.

  12. I just sort of gave up on spending BP for crates. Why shouldnt the key crates be choosable to purchase? For people that still want cosmetics without paying 2,5$ it's just bullshit. And the few crates I manage to randomly get that is openable gives me some random striped t-shirt anyway.

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