PUBG UPDATE: DESERT MAP GTX 1050TI 4GB | Custom settings | 1080p

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PUBG test server GTX 1050Ti PC Gameplay

Recorded With Shadowplay Monitoring Program. MSI Afterburner
My PC Specs:

• CPU : Intel Core i5 4590 3.30 ghz
• MB : msi B85-G43 Gaming
• Ram : G Skill Sniper 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Kit
• GPU : ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5
• OS : Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. my card is the 1050 ti and i can play ultra 70 fps beause i went into game properties and up-ed the ram usage and made the game run on all cores. Something i advise everyone do

  2. GTX 1050Ti Question: When you fire on automatic, how do you keep your sites on the target, despite the recoil? It's one of my biggest shortcomings in this game. By the way, I read every single one of the 158 comments for this video. You have a great community of people following your game play.

  3. Hello!
    I have a pc with GTX1050ti, 16gb ram, i57600 and yet i cant manage to hit your fps.
    I play PUBG around 50-60 fps and i have V-SYNC always checked.I know that Vsync locks my fps on the number i wrote (50-60) but when i turn off V-SYNC i get those horizontal lines while playing the game.Those lines are extremely noticable when i look fast left and right.
    When i turn on the vsync the problem is solved but i have lower fps..
    Judging from your pc specs i suppose i can hit your fps but i dont..
    Is it maybe a matter of my monitor?
    I have an 21:9 ultrawide LG 25UB55 monitor with IPS..
    Could those horizontal lines be caused from the monitor?
    Is there any setting im missing on my nvidia card that could resolve my issue?

  4. Bro I just ordered a G4560 + 1050 2gb build and now I'm seeing things like the i3-8#00 + 1060 6gb are a better option? I'm kinda mad now ;(

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