PUBG UPDATE 7 – NEW EMOTES, New Scopes, New Holes? New Friends list but NO MORE SILENT FOOTSTEPS?!

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PUBG UPDATE 7: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW! Details about the NEW SCOPES, NEW GUN, NEW EMOTES and much more! NOT mentioned in the patch notes: Your footsteps can now be heard while walking!

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Patch Notes Update 7:

Client optimization
Improved real-time response by reducing input lag

Mitigated the frame drop issue caused by the map loading process

Reduced burden on GPU by optimizing buildings in Erangel

Optimized the beginning and the end of effects

Optimized vehicle physics when driving under a certain speed
Server optimization
Optimized server network performance

Optimized vehicle physics when driving under a certain speed
Added PUBG friends list
Up to 50 people can be added as PUBG friends

Players with PUBG accounts can search and add friends freely regardless of the platform they are using (including Steam, and DMM)
Friend list is a one-way follower concept, not a mutual acceptance between players

PUBG friends list is independent of the Steam friends list. You don’t have to be friends on Steam to be friends in PUBG
Up to 30 players you were recently in a team with will be shown on RECENT
Added main menu voice chat
You can chat with the players in your team while still in the main menu

When using the voice chat, a speaker icon will be displayed on the right of the player’s name
Made holes in the ceiling and floor of some high buildings, so that it is easier to move between different levels, to improve the gameplay experience on Miramar
Game play
Added 37 achievements on Steam

Added emote system
12 default emotes will be provided now, and more emotes will be added in the future

While holding the emote menu key (default is ~), emote can be activated by left-clicking the emote or hot key of emote you want to use
Fixed the blue blood effect being more visible than the red blood effect when player gets shot

Added material for crops, rubber, cloth, paper and cactus
When shooting or attacking with a melee weapon, the right effect for each material will be displayed
Changed the gun scope view to be more realistic
Expanded the field of view through the scope

Added a parallax effect when moving weapons fast

Added color, vignetting (darker edges), chromatic aberration (color difference caused by light refraction) and distortion effect on the edge of scopes
Redesigned the 9 vehicle status icons to work better with 4K resolution

Replaced the red cross icon with a red tire icon for a broken tire
Added a hit sound effect for crops, rubber, cloth, paper and cactus material
Bug Fixes
Fixed a square-shaped border on the sea that could be seen when flying in the airplane

Fixed an issue where a player could die instantly when vaulting and climbing

Improved problems where characters would get stuck or die during vaulting, and be able to look through walls.


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  1. Actually fixing our game and making changes to for example the directional sound that is complete and utter aids? Nah.. let's put emotes in that literally don't add anything of any significance to the game, because that feature alone is definitely why people switch over to Fortnite!

  2. You are the first person that actually mentions what button to push to bring up the emote options. Thank you for that! I’ve been watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how you use the emotes and everyone just shows what they look like but gives no instruction on how to use them. Thank you for your help.

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