PUBG UPDATE 2018: NEW MAPS, OPTIMIZATION, HUGE CHANGES ! – Battlegrounds Patch Notes/Gameplay

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The roadmap update has finally landed, and a new test server build has come along with it. Check out all the details in the video! Massdrop Vast:

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  1. I’d like to see a name change system implemented, names were taken that I would’ve liked but in a rush to play with friends I’ve had to put something stupid, can you mention this in a future video ? Throw some ideas out for it ?

  2. If the map size we have now is too big and slow paced for some players then they aren’t playing correctly, a smaller map would be cool I just don’t wanna see everyone move away from the big map and only play the smaller one

  3. Do u have a playertarget radar ? u just see them or find them like "Hell" … incredibly pro. Thank you for the SIT REP! Seems like there is going to be MORE MICROTRANSACTION FINANCE MARKET INLFATION SOON! Ye.. more crates, more pseudo gaming!

  4. I’m all about that smaller map, these massive maps are so fckn boring to play, like yea I really enjoy running for 20-25 mins to then get killed by some cucklord laying in the grass or camping a house. This will make the games have 10x the action, and if they make the circle pacing right, (more like Fortnite) then half the lobby won’t die to the playzone. Fortnite circle pacing is so good as most the time you can outrun it, and that means that everyone usually dies by gunfights and not the circle. You gotta be real bad to die to the circle in Fortnite. But pubg circle pacing is terrible for how big the map is and if u can’t find a car well I hope you find fun in running thru fields for 25 mins. Gets real stale after a few games like that.

  5. twould be nice if they did a jungle map, that would be really great like jungle trees everywhere and fallen logs and vines and bird noise and stuff

  6. Hey moses, I appreciate your channel and your commitment to keeping us all updated on all things pubg.  I don't comb the internet often on pubg but I am wondering if you have come across discussion on improving the reticle customization.  I love the game and often find that I lose track of that miniscule dot that helps to keep my view centered and ready to fight when the fight comes.  Seems like it would be an easy fix to just allow us to make the standard, non-aiming reticle a little bigger.. or even some additional functionality like reticle options such as those in Overwatch.  Just curious.  first time poster. Cheers

  7. I'd really like to see a map selection.. At least until the map pool gets balanced out with the faster paced jungle map… The slow pace of Miramar is really ally starting to get on my nerves given 8 times out of ten that's the map I end up playing… Also a shooting range… The recoil in this game is unlike any other game I've played.. I play a lot of siege and squad and just started with pubg like this week… The horizontal recoil is way more prevalent in pubg than any game I've ever played… It would be nice to have a spot where I could get used to it… Especially given the last change I'd like to see… Get rid of clothing loot drops and give us fuckin guns…. I'm so tired of dying in placed like pecado which should have tons of loot everywhere because they entire first floor of a building has shirts, gas cans, and smg compensators…. Literally everything but a gun… Too many games go wlby where I can't even find an AR for the mid game so a shooting range would be a great help if they don't ever plan on buffing weapons drops.

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