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Huge update to the sound systems in regards to how bullets work. Directional sound actually works, which is a huge step up.

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  1. I'd be happy if I could just turn down vehicle sounds by 20/30% so I can hear what my team mates are saying without having to mute entirely and not hear who's shooting at us……Nice update….

  2. It's a pitty that Bluewhore took so long to address the audio issue(amongst others) . Now looks like they're just doing it to not be left so far behind fortnite

  3. I suppose it also depends how good your headset is and I am still unsure as I use the Hypercloud2 should I leave the 7.1 on or off ?

  4. I liked PUBG… but still… I play Fortnite way more now, because PUBG Corp cant get better servers and optimization, and them hackers.

  5. Honestly I heard the change in the sound right after the update but didnt see anything in the patchnotes so I thought my headset was broken. It honestly makes my ears feel weird.

  6. They did it harder to notice if the enemy was under or above harder in the new setup….
    On the old i could difference the spot but the new one it's way harder.

  7. They absolutely need to add the ability to turn down volume of different aspects in game. I’m tired of the plane and different vehicles being so fuckin loud and going deaf, meanwhile if I turn the volume down I can’t hear footsteps. It’s bullshit and they need to change it.

  8. Now close your eyes and tell me if you can tell the difference between above and below. You CANNOT replicate up and down efficiently with stereo headsets

  9. Lol this is not something new. you can acquire this feature even before this update just by turning on realtek's Headphone Vituialization. Works exactly the same.

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