PUBG snow Map video Leaked Full Map Video in 3D viem ||PUBG Snow Map Gameplay

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PUBG new Snow map Video Leak in Hindi by Bandook Baaz Gamer

In it, the camera flies over the map from end to end, surveying several landmarks that have been reconstructed using assets uncovered in the map’s original leak Sept. 9.
beginning at the map’s northern end, the camera shows off an area called Cosmodrome, an abandoned space base with a rocket standing in the center. From there, the camera travels south along a frozen river to a moated castle featuring towers and underground cellars.

The video also displays several towns along the coasts of the island, a factory area, and a frozen lake.
While allthenewsisgoodnews readily admitted on Reddit that their reconstruction was unlikely to reflect the map’s ultimate form, it still gives a sense of the map’s appearance and layout.

Allthenewsisgoodnews went on to answer questions from fans on Reddit. In their answers, the data miner stated that the footsteps that appeared in the original snow map teaser will likely make it to the game. Furthermore, snow will behave similarly to fog on other PUBG maps, appearing and disappearing dynamically, and the castle’s towers will be accessible.

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