1. I dont understand why are people disliking this?
    good content bro keep up
    this is a leak WE know but also Miramar was leaked 3 months before release

  2. honestly i think the map is not bad but it s a bit too small.they should expand the map a litta bit more and add more cities and strutures.they should also add more bridges crossing the river.i actually also think that the iceberg dividing the water into 3 parts should be removed so boats can be more effective in the map

  3. I initially disliked this video 10 seconds in and left simply because of your silly YouTube name and the overused music. But I came back and itโ€™s really not a bad video. No idea why you have so many dislikes. So, contrary to my initial reaction, which was to bomb this video, Iโ€™m going to sub, in the hopes that you produce more good content in the future. Cheers

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