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PUBG is finally available on Xbox One! I wanted to hop on and check it out. Definitely not up to par with the PC version, but still not bad. Drop a Like if you want more PUBG gameplay on the channel!

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  1. I have pubg on Xbox and pc and pc has better FPS but other than that the lag is the same which is hardly any lag. And the crashing is the same so either way it’ll be the same and tbh the FPS is not any reason not to buy the game. Play style is still the same and more than likely hardly noticeable

  2. for what it is the game really doesnt look that bad, early access version of an unoptimized pc game on xbox. and its running at higher settings then most pc players run anyway. i give it until the ps4 release and they will have 60fps and graphics improvments but it actually looks better than when it first came out on pc

  3. It’s clearly not fully developed, that’s why it’s half priced. You complained about stuff that made it easier on pc like auto aim. If you are good you don’t need that stuff. That wouldn’t even be fun. Then you were not so pleased when you lost. You won’t win every game.

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