1. Thank you so much this video helped a lot greatly appreciated it's a real pain to find out a lot of that information sometimes and it really helps when people like you belong YouTube for people like us keep it up!

  2. People who want to key board and mouse should just play on PC it's cheap period and cross platform is going to be cancer with all the cheating ass pussys

  3. Cross-platforming with pc & xbox will be totally unfair since PC have better aiming and resolution. People on Xbox will then not play pubg since they are going to get their ass kicked

  4. Hopefully they fixed the crashing in the game.I too have crashed 5-6 times in one game lol.That is my biggest problem and will be happy if it is fixed 😁😁😁.Another thing,the next thing I would like to see fixed,if that is,would be the rubber banding in the beginning of the matches when you land and throughout the game here and there.I would love if that gets fixed also soon,if it isn’t already πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ lol.I haven’t played the new update,but I am about to,just saying. 😁😁😁

  5. oddly enough, ive never encountered the crashing, even though im playing on a normal xbox one, not an xbox one x, while ive seen everyone else experiencing these issues, however im still happy it was fixed, ensuring no one will deal with it

  6. No keyboard compatibility. If you want to use that shit go play it on pc seriously. Keyboard users will have a great advantage over any controller user. Way to kill a game bluehole.

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