PUBG New Tropic Island Map & New DSA SA58 Rifle!

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Hey guys, today we get a peek at the new Tropical Island map being added to PUBG in 2018.

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  1. 1) I'm not really looking forward to a small map with tight combat.
    2) WTF are the PUBG devs doing? Their game is broken and they're spending time to make maps and add emotes. Surely they could be putting money elsewhere?

  2. 1 4×4 map is fine for now, lets not make all games like cod nuketown becuz you are bored after 1 min of not shooting your pew pew weapon, 14 year old adhd kid.

  3. i think they can make it an esport where it's skill. you are not alway's pitted against each other equally in real sports either but still there it takes skill. for example your height and weight can play a big role (some sports have different classes yes i know). But the real skill of pubg then would be adaptability and being able to adapt to whatever situation you are in. here you go some of my thoughts about that

  4. Are they going to do something "how to add friends in game" ? So is this PUGB going to be game which will have only patches, not like PUGB 2 or something like that.

  5. I'm happy they make the map smaller then the others. I think they did listen to the players since a lot of them wanted smaller maps to prevend the big amount of walking when you can't find a vehicle.

  6. I seriously wish PUBG would make lobbies, plane rides, and landings faster. Cut lobby times, spawn the plane closer to the island and let us smash down to earth quickly. The only thing I hate about PUBG is how long it takes to get down to the ground from the menu. And if you die quickly, it's even worse.

  7. is it sure that the map is going to be 4x4km? because it says "concept art" maybe it will be stretched or anything similar? cuz i do like the thought about more action in the game, but it seems a bit too small..

  8. I haven't played these games, but they have intrigued me and building a new PC as we speak. Going back to early 2000s my wishlist is for a game like PUBG with massive maps that has a capture the flag mode, where you can use vehicles to run/chase with the objective….would be incredibly fun having a high speed chase with guns blazing….also alternatives like a train/boats and would require team work. Why let all that good real estate go to waste..

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