PUBG Mobile NEW UPDATE IS OUT! New War Mode!

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PUBG Mobile SUPER SOON WILL NEW UPDATE COME WITH SEASON 2 STUFF AND IT SHOULD BE AT 4:00 AM EST!!! PUBG Mobile Chinese is also planned to have Update 0.7 soon and PUBG Mobile Update 0.6 features way more then you think!!!
PUBG Mobile NEW UPDATE IS OUT! New War GameMode!

SHOUTOUT TO lil hektor music:

BTHX Discord Server:

Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe
Screen Recorder: IOS 11 Screen Rec.
Device: iPhone 7
Game: PUBG Mobile
PUBG Ingame name: NotIbe

**PUBGM Settings**
Crosshair: Green
AA and HealingP.: Enabled
Gyroscope: Disabled
Graphics: Low with high FPS
Peek & fire: Disabled

**PUBGM Sensitivity**
Noscope: 94%
Red Dot: 46%
2x: 38%

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