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  1. Im not a pro at this stuff but they could do so you can pay to open a crate or a lot of ingame currency and add boosters for the coins aswell

  2. Well the crates that we get are free but others cost, not really a fan of crates but at least the game is what matters. They should actually put a zombie game mode not those custom servers. Also more AR's.

  3. its just cosmetic items, it doesnt give you the upper hand. i dont see why people are up in arms about this. if you want more cosmetic items, you can still work for pioneer crates and the 2 other new crates. and if you want premium cosmetic items, buy the key for the case

  4. Why did this asswipe say "zed" instead of "z" to perspire to the European/Australian viewers but NOT say "aitch" when he said "h" like its one side or the other smh

  5. Wouldn't mind true to form battle rifles, G3's, FAL's ext. And maybe implement different ammo loads like slugs so we can actually use shotguns past 10 yards. Its pointless to get one then drop it because you found a second rifle that will kill faster close up than even if you had the vepr. Also if they are going true first person they need to not have it so it doesnt feel like you're 4'10 like a fucking dwarf. Im meh about the whole crate system, never spent money for anything outside of game coot (besides the witcher, I bought the DLC because they actually gave a crap about making a great game. And the DLC's are like a completed game in their own right. Well worth the money) they had what? 5 million copies sold? That's hundreds of millions of dollars. But it seems like every other gaming business were jews own everything and try to swindle people out of more and more money. Escape from Tokorev and The Witcher are the only games that come to mind were they give a shit about what they do.

  6. Either have micro transactions or it will force a monthly fee to access their servers. No way they can maintain this game and servers and continuous updates with initial game purchase. If you don't want to buy a crate then don't but don't shit on a company for wanting to keep their game running. Also with profits this company can become a AAA company. Takes money to make money. Whatever… complainers exist for everything…

  7. i swear pubg got the worst menu and rematch system laggy and so stupid. i dont want to see fking ad or loading shit every fking time. holy change the god dam cheap 1990s menu screen

  8. One thing I would really like is a DMR. And a thing that bothers me is that the Groza the Tommy gun and some snipers are only in Drops, I think they should be in the map just really rare, but that's just my opinion.

  9. @wtfmoses Hey Moses good content! Do you wanna do some duos someday? Im 32 yrs old from Sweden. Loves the military tactic plays and communicates well! :).

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