PUBG – GAME 8 – Final – IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

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20 teams, 80 players, one battle,$200,000! IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational is here. Follow all the action from the main event:

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  1. Hey guys, not bad at all, but I'd really recommend looking to racing/Nascar for help with this much info. They have multiple reporters all around the track, covering 40+ different teams (nascar) or 20+ (F1), this could really help covering multiple different things going on at once. Also, instant replay, there were too many times where you mention action going on then just show someone looting. Not great.

  2. If you miss a kill can you replay it?! Why am I watching a fighting game without seeing any action… there's literally 90+kills per game and you managed to catch like 15. I know you can't predict who's going to die but at least replay them, give the shoutcasters something to shoutcast!

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