PUBG – GAME 4 – Final – IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

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20 teams, 80 players, one battle,$200,000! IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational is here. Follow all the action from the main event:

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  1. Csgo died coz moe, steel, dazed and all them shady sellouts who took skins to sell betting sites. Pubg i dont want it to take the same route. Really discourages me to see pubg using csgo shadies.

  2. If the spectator tool wasn't dreadful this would be better to watch, right now it's so laggy and desynced to the actual play of the players…something you don't see in any other FPS game. Not to mention looks like the person spectating is getting 3 fps.

  3. I haven't even played this game but I kind of enjoy watching it. I think there definitely needs to be some improvements to the spectator experience, but it's pretty exciting. Probably need to speed it up though, to keep it more exciting for viewers.

  4. Why don't they make their own site, and at an event every screen is captured and you can then chose who you want to watch and be able to switch between the people at your own choosing live. This would make it so that the spectator issues wasn't a problem. Also you could actually see what people are looting. I love this game but watching these games is so difficult.

  5. i think that we all LOVE PUBG but we all agree it's not the easiest to watch. hope to see that change somehow so we can all enjoy watching future events.

  6. caster says "I think the camera thinks the same, you can't look away despite the fact nothing will ever happen". I think the casters were fine, but the camera work needs to be refined so that when action occurs it is not missed, or if it is missed then get a replay.

  7. Worst gameplay coverage ever. The person doing the coverage would rather watch somebody looting or sitting, than move to where there was action going on. This happened in every game. They should have had several people Spectating all around the map, so they could easily jump to where the action was going on, instead of what seemed to me was 1 person that clearly was overwhelmed, or did not know what he was doing, covering the games.

  8. If you could post two parallel videos. One of the directed camera and one of the map. Then people could watch them both at the same time and It would be really easy to follow what was going on.

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