PUBG – GAME 1 – Final – IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

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20 teams, 80 players, one battle,$200,000! IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational is here. Follow all the action from the main event:

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  1. Worst camera angles ever! Nearly unwatchable! Do your mods at twitch read the chat at all? Or do they read and just give af about it? The chat was freaking out because of this cam. Why do you show us first person a team holding a house with no fight if in the same time a new zone is coming in and every team is moving and a lot of fights are going on? That happend so often also in the other rounds at that day. This round was a joke to watch and the other rounds were nearly the same. Most of the time I got more information what's going on by reading the kill feed than watching your cam. Why don't you show us the map more often and longer? So we can see everything and what's going on. The zone, the circle, the teams and the location, do the fight, do they move and so on. So we need the map longer. Much longer and much more often. That guy who is responsable for that cam should be replaced. Sorry dude, but I was so hyped and you destroyed it totally!

  2. I play this game pretty much every day, but even I have to admit that this is one of most boring things to watch ever. The camera work is ridiculous. Most of the time you're watching overhead shots of NOTHING HAPPENING or first person view of players camping buildings doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Honestly, this is fucking embarrassing.

  3. I was at this event and I loved the layout for PUBG and I hope to see this game continue to grow because we all love it even though it has its bugs and it's tough to watch as a spectator we continue to battle for our Chicken Dinners!

  4. I hate how the players do that side step back and forth. Like really is that how far we have come? It's like your so anxious about someone engaging you that you need to constantly move.

  5. Honestly they need to find ways to make it more interesting for the first 25 minutes (Because its so fucking boring watching a low quality map and casters talk about teams "playing safe" "Chokepoint" "Playing safe" "Vehicle traverse" over and over again). Its actually pretty fun to watch post > 25:00 minute mark when we actually see shots fired and teams clash.

  6. Here's the solution: put a delay on the game of like couple minutes, so that you can edit the spec modes to view each firefight. Also beginning, we should hear coms of the teams and their strats. Problemo solved. I forgot what game it was that had a delay, but they caught all the action with a delay.

  7. For sure need to figure out a way to jump to the action immediately to make this worth watching Esports wise. Need to be able to instantly switch the cameras to players once they engage other players.

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