PUBG Desert Map | Very Low vs. Ultra (Graphics Comparison)

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Graphics Comparison.
Graphics preset: Very Low vs. Ultra | Resolution: 2560×1440 | Render scale: 100%.
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  1. Hey. I always focus on GPU testing, but sometimes possible try to something new.
    This is my first "Graphics Comparison Video" after a few months break.

  2. The antialiasing's shit in this game. I wish MSAA or ever SMAA was implemented into the game. I HATED the base game but the Test Servers are A_Amazing!

  3. I can run Battlefield 1 on medium 60+ fps but i cant play this game without a lot of framedrops from 70 to 40 at least with the new update they optimized it works pretty good , but servers are laggy !

  4. I am impressed. As an Android rules of survival and other ten cent mobile battle royale player the graphics difference isn't too far off. Nice we have come a long way in processor technology.

  5. AMD Graphics downgraded af for me. I used to set my AA to medium to eliminate jagged lines. It was working better than ultra. But now that trick don't work and even on ultra i can see jagged lines, flickering grass, edges everywhere when i move. I watch benchmarks like yours and AA seems to be working fine for nvidia users. Colors looks dull aswell and some textures looks so blurred for my RX 580 now. Keep ♥♥♥♥ing the game up developers.

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