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It’s been awhile since I played this game, so I decided to go back and try the new desert map on the Test Server. To play this game on Steam be sure to select the Test Server. Check this game out on Steam today!

Visit the following link on Steam to purchase & view min & required specs for the game, thanks!

To share the link to this game during the show in chat: !pubg

To Tip the stream via StreamLabs:

UnsilentMajorityTV Shirts & Hoodies:

NOTE: To all donators, I would love to send you a product for all donations that are $60 or more! I will ask all donators that contribute $60 or more to the show if they would like a supplement or t-shirt to be sent out to them at the address provided in appreciation for the support! It will be the choice of the donator as to whether or not they would like to receieve a product. I appreciate any and all support of this channel!

To be added to the Sponsor wall at this time (Channel Sponsorship is not available). But anyone who purchases a shirt and tweets a picture to me @YouTubeUMTV and follow me on Twitter. Sponsors will be followed backon YouTube/Twitter & or Instagram. All sponsors will be promoted to moderator on YouTube & Discord Chat. Sponsors can decline the moderator role if they choose.

To be considered as a moderator without sponsoring the channel, just be active & participate in the chat as often as possible! I will promote individuals to moderator that participate regularly. I may also choose individuals recommended by current moderators as well.

Don’t SPAM & Troll the chat, nightbot is on duty, moderators will timeout first offenders. If the trolling & spamming persists the user will be banned from the chat. Vulgarity will yield an instant ban.

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