PUBG Desert Map gameplay i5 8600K 5GHz and GTX 1080Ti

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Only a gameplay test on 1.0 testserver with new desert map (miramar) with following hardware:

Intel Core i5 8600K @ 5GHz
16GB DDR4 3800
GTX 1080Ti @ 2GHz
Windows 10 (with latest updates)
game resolution 1080P with upscale to 120%

highest frames are limited to 144FPS because i use a 144Hz tft with g-sync.

game settings in first seconds of the video and in the upper left corner you can see the frames, core / gpu / mem frequencies and temperatures.


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  1. Hello, is your I5 delidded? Great temps. Also, do you browse + watch streams simultaniously? I'm thinking of switching fron Ryzen and I tend to have 1-2 twitch streams open + chrome pages at the same time.

  2. Hi some people who have 8600k complain that they got micro sluttering during their game play due to the 100% load of the cores . Whats your experience so far ? did you get the same issues ? I really want to save 200 bucks for a better monitor instead of overspending for Cpu . Thanks

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