PUBG Cheater caught – New / current 2018 pubg ESP / map hack / aim bot

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This game will forever be marred by hackers. Unfortunately you lose 30+ minutes EVERY TIME if you make it to late game and come across someone doing this. These hacks have been around for over a year. This particular hacker
had over 100 matches on record (and presumably he also ruined for hundreds of other players) at the time I caught him. So a lot of these guys aren’t getting banned quickly, and have the opportunity to ruin thousands of player’s games.


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  1. It's a shame. A lot of hacks are available on certain dedicated coding sites (i won't name them here), and use memory reading or injection/sniffing to intercept secure information between your computer and PUBG servers.

    You obviously have the auth key required for this, so the program will use that and then render names, dots, lines on a name or provide X/Y/Z coordinates to an auto-aimer and snap the aim to where a hit box is detected (ie: a player).

    It's pretty scummy to use something like this and just goes to show the person using it has no skill, patience and probably has sociopathic traits (egoist and the "i dont care, im having fun, fuck other people"). They need to be perma banned from player multiplayer via Steam & given some anti-psychotic medication.

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