PUBG Blue Circle Damage Increase Over Time Explained | October Update Stats, Percents, Breakdown

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Today I provide some of the first hard facts on the new blue circle damage increase that came with a October update to PUBG. I poured hours into this video and while these statistics, numbers, percents are not yet complete… at least we now have some solid information confirming when the circle damage increase starts, how far away from the circle edge it continues to increase and what some of the new survival times look like. Let me know if you want me to test anything else. I would be happy to dive back into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and test every circle at every distance if enough people want it. See you guys on the Battlegrounds.

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  1. Timestamps:
    1:06 Circle Damage Mechanic Review
    1:51 Circle Damage Update Patch Notes
    2:58 Base Circle Damage Overview
    4:54 When/Why the Circle Increase was Implemented
    5:53 Method for Testing New Circle Damage Model
    7:26 Test Results
    10:24 Damage Increase Graph
    11:29 0-4000 Meter Health Bar Comparison
    13:40 2 Theories Explaining the Data
    14:31 Final Test
    15:35 7 Confirmed Facts About the Damage Increase
    17:42 Why I Haven't Tested More
    18:45 Best Fix for the Circle
    19:43 5 Directions we can Go From Here

  2. To discover if there is an algorithm or pattern it would be best to have numbers for every 100 meters for every circle. which is a huge task i know, but if there is a formula that would be the way to find it.

  3. Damn man, really admire you for the amount of work/time you've put into this. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the patience to conduct such a lengthy test. So props to you for enduring all those deaths!

  4. Please do yourself a favour and don't proceed any further testing!!! :'D
    I was camping in the blue to the top of the leaderboard, glad this is still possible. But due to china I won't play until 1.0 release, hope the dev's know what they are doing… :S

  5. Seriously dude, I checked out one of your videos recently and started jumping into a few more of yours. You put in a serious amount of work and thought into your videos. Your voice isn't bad to listen to, your on screen images and game play makes for decent visual stimulus. I'm honestly blown away that you only have 667 subs and less than 2k views on this video specifically. You need to figure out a way to reach a larger audience. Post on reddit, post on facebook pages, upload to twitter with the right hashtags or something man. You should be rewarded for all this hard work with more views and subs. I mean you don't even have sponsors like "gameflip" or all those other PUBG sponsors. Love the work you're doing and I hope to see more!

  6. The amount of work you guys put into this is just mind blowing :O
    I really feel bad that people that want to help the community don't have access to Private Servers ..

    You should try contacting WackyJacky101 for your next tests, he do a lot of similar stuff so I don't think he will say no.

    Anyway, thanks for everything man ๐Ÿ™‚

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