PUBG 2018 ROADMAP – NEW MAP NEXT MONTH – Weapon Skins, Game Modes, Emotes, etc..

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There’s so much in the new Roadmap for PUBG, I can’t fit it all in the title. Emotes are also a thing.. As well as custom game improvements.


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  1. What bothers me about pubg is they slacked so damn hard with everything thinking they were gonna stay on top, then fortnite blows it out of the water with daily updates and everything, giving the community what it asks (within days) and more. THEN pubg realized they have to try again. Like wtf were you doing? It makes me think they do it for money (or just lazy) more than creating a great game. I sound a bit ridiculous but I don’t think I’m wrong tho. What you guys think?

  2. I'm against the emotes and skins, as they ruin the immersion of the game. PlayerUnknown was bitching about Epic Games "ripping off" PUBG, even though he is ripping them off. What a child.

  3. Team Tag gamemode where there are 10 people who are on and hunt down and kill/tag the remaining players (no plane). Only those who are on can cause damage and use cars and they are are 20%faster have a hotter/colder system to indicate where the remaining players are. However the remaining players may use stun guns or something to slow down and help them last thee 20 minutes.

  4. 1) Hopefully we get a new snow, tropic and city map within the next year.
    2) Lots of new guns would be nice as well, plus it doesn't take as much time to include new weapons.

  5. If they are gonna update every two months they should each major update make four new weapons and for little updates add two and maybe add atleast 1 vehicle every four months.This is one vehicle idea they should add a halftrack military transport vehicle with a mountable HMG on it . And a few weapon ideas 1 the famas 2 Barrett 50 cal 3 add a Remington shotgun and 4 a riot shield however you can only hold a melee weapon or a pistol or a uzi and pls add more melee weapons and pistols.

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