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Want to find people to play Battlegrounds with? Join my discord server. It’s focused on connecting people for duo’s, squads, or to discuss strategy in any game mode with.


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I made a Patreon with a $1 tier that gives you a special role on my discord server as well as access to the donor chat on my discord server, where I’ll be very active. That’s all, just the $1 tier if you feel like skipping a coffee for the month in the name of my sub-par video creation. (:

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  1. of course they didn't add the ability to pick the map. I hate having to leave over and over again when I don't feel like the new map.

  2. I personally like that they give you free crates and keys on the test server. I think it helps them get more people on the test server to test out some of the new fixes and improvements they have implemented not just hey look at the skins you can get on the live server. They already know people are going to want to spend money on cosmetics because they play the game a lot and want to invest more money into a game they love.

  3. The drop rates from the crates are so insanely low and 16x increased rate is still 1.6% for something that originally was .1. The cool Cosmetics in this games are impossible to acquire.

  4. Ehm what, hackers? Ive encountered a hacker once on the EU server. I have 700h in pubg. I dont see much of a hacker problem. Tho i have seen that streamers get hacking snipers but nothing else.

  5. This updated didn't added/fixed anything and even worse is that they made the drop rate atrocious and bullshit.

    Hackers are growing much more now. Bugs, server lags, etc. Sad and disappointed.

  6. They SERIOUSLY need to deal with the hackers. I've played a lot since "release" aka 1.0 and currently I'm reporting players in 80-90% of all Squad TPP (EU) games I play and in about 50% of all Solo TPP (EU) games I play. And that's only because I get killed by the obvious cheaters myself and its easily noticeable through the death cam. And I don't really try to look for anti-recoil cheats/scripts, I only report obvious cheaters that are headshotting without even scoping from insane distances or hitting me through walls and other completely impossible things. So there are most likely cheaters in the game I don't really notice as well its just that I die before I run into them or I simply don't notice through the death cam but would otherwise notice it using the replay function.

    Compared to pre-release aka pre 1.0 I rarely ran into cheaters at all. Perhaps a few suspicious things in something like every 5% of the games I played and even then the cheaters wasn't as obnoxious like they seem to be now. Now people don't even try to hide it. People are constantly hitting people while auto-firing their UMP or Micro-UZI from 200 meters+. People have instant med kits, first aids, revive's of teammates and unlimited ammo. People walking around hip-firing with AK's and Kar98's and still hitting every shot even without trying to aim and people hitting right through walls. In some games you can see it immediately by looking at the kill feed noticing 2-3 players killing like 15 players in like 30 seconds.

    It's getting completely out of hand. It's killing the game for me, whats the point of even playing when you get hit by a brick wall called cheaters that you can't possibly kill in over 50% of the games you play? The worst part is when you don't run into them before the end so you have pretty much wasted a good 15-20 minutes gearing up and doing well in a game you can't possibly win.

  7. The exact same thing happened to me and my friend in a game during the end when you were driving the bike in the blue. Like, on the same road!

  8. Hey Vault Dude, Have you heard of NVIDIA Freestyle? Its a really cool new Geforce Experience feature, Check out the video on my channel. It works for pubg too so you could make a video on it possibly?

  9. taunting huh , like by encouraging know it all teenager American to gamble cash for a skin lol… your voice ruins the vid , sound like you cant be assed , talking too fast

  10. I dont know much about hackers so i have a question. I was playing and kept shooting someone in the body and head and red was splashing so i was sure i was hitting it with score x4… the Guy just shot me in the head without a scope and doing the replay i saw i was hitting the Guy pretty bad and all his life kept disepearing at the bottom but he stayed alive … was this à hacker ?

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