PUBG 1.0 Test Patch: ALL Hidden Features & Items! (NEW MAP & MORE)

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The lastest Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 Patch went live to test servers in North America and Asia over the last couple of days, featuring Vaulting, Climbing, and much more! But in this video, I want to cover the all of the hidden or un-released features teased in this patch. Enjoy!

Category Timestamps:

► Topic #1: Wasteland – 1:06
► Topic #2: New Vehicle Models – 2:08
► Topic #3: New DP-28 Gun – 3:47
► Topic #4: Vehicle Sound Changes – 5:00
► Topic #5: New Forest Mansion – 6:03
► Topic #6: 8x & 15x Scope Variable Zoom – 6:33
► Topic #7: Inventory Space Indicator – 7:33
► Topic #7b: New Killfeed Option – 8:02
► Topic #8: Smoke Grenade Changes – 8:29
► Topic #9: Rivers are now deeper – 9:05
► Topic #10: Bikes are more stable – 9:27

Please feel free to share this video around. I hope to continue on with more PUBG overviews in the future.

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►Outro Song: Looking to the Future by Mike Ault


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