PUBG 1.0 Patch Notes: HUGE Changes! – Vaulting – Ballistics – Anti-Cheats – Battlegrounds Update

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We finally got the patch notes for the PC 1.0 update! The test servers will be live tonight and until tomorrow. Hopefully this is just a stress test and we see more testing soon! Check out more below:

Massdrop M220:

Patch notes:

Support the Channel:


Gear/PC Specs:
Gaming PC:
i7-7700K @ 5.0Ghz:
Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix:
G.Skill Trident Z 3200:
Samsung 950 Pro SSD:
Asus PG258Q Monitor:
Massdrop Vast 35″ Monitor:
Logitech G900:
Logitech Orion Spectrum:

Streaming PC:

Ryzen 1700:
B350 Tomahawk:
Toshiba 6TB:
Seagate 4TB:
Elgato HD 60 Pro:

Audio Setup:

Boom Arm:

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  1. Devs should add a language option so i don't get thrown into 10 consecutive games with loud mouth asians in internet cafes with the mic set to always on with no way of telling them to set it to push to talk….

  2. How come pubg dont have a practice mode. Or maybe death match so people can learn how to aim and shoot. Its very frustrating to farm and get little bit of shooting experience. And my god the awp . .. practice mode and no not in custom game.

    Also the menu is very laggy . Hire the csgo menu maker or something .

  3. Who do they keep focusing on new elements and not on optimization? It could be a great game, irrespective of daily players, if they put more effort into optimizations.

  4. This game is so bad because you never know whether you're the best or not. There're lots of good players but due to the nature of battle royale games we never be able to determine who or what team is the best

  5. very weird is that i crash 80% of the time i leave the match on non test servers and then i went to play the test server and didnt crash once

  6. do some research and get your points before filming the vid dude its fucking mind numbing when your deciding what you think the sentence means back and forth for 2 minutes.

  7. don't know what you're talking about, the game did crash couple times for me not too often but still it crashed where you say it never crashed ever

  8. 300m is a good number, because on rifle rounds (7.62×39 or 5.56×45) trajectories are relatively flat to 300m. 5.56×45 has ~12" of drop at 300m, but ~30" of drop at 400m and ~98" of drop at 600m. 7.62×39 has ~24" of drop at 300m, ~54" of drop at 400m, and ~175" of drop at 600m. So you can see that 400m is the point where ballistic drop is requiring aiming adjustment, and you can see that the slow AK round has a lot more drop than 5.56.

    Also, most 5.56 rifles will shoot about a 2 – 3" group at 100m with standard NATO ammo. At 400m this is 8 – 12" in standard dispersion. Likewise, an AK will shoot about 3 – 4" groups with standard ComBlock ammo, or 12 – 16" at 400m. So even getting the aiming correct can lead to misses at 400m with the more inaccurate weapons.

  9. As a Brazillian Military let explain the effective distance and maximum distance of the weapons:
    Effective distance: distance that the weapon have the higher precision;
    Maximum distance: maximum distance that a bullet fired by a gun reaches.

  10. Intensity – Real red dot sights have brightness settings. Inside a building you would have the dot on a low brightness so that its not huge and distracting, while outside you would turn the brightness up so that it doesn't get washed out by sunlight. To a certain decree, you can also turn down the brightness for a finer dot for more precise shooting.

    Different rifles IRL have different iron sight settings. M16s can be adjusted to 600m, which is extremely optimistic for anything but target shooting at a range, AKM and SKS can be adjusted to 1000m, which is completely ridiculous, while the M416 can be adjusted to a much more realistic 400m. SMGs like the UMP usually have a single setting, intended for a very practical 100m.

  11. These changes sound great and I welcome them, however, I still have yet to see a mention of something that I have been wanting addressed for the longest time. I would love for there to be bullet penetration implemented. I'm sick of flimsy doors, window panes, etc. stopping bullets and preventing me from killing people. At the very least, I would like for bullet penetration through bodies. There have been many times I have gotten "penalized" when shooting someone in the center of their chest or at their head when their hands are in the way. A hand isn't going to stop a bullet and the bullet would most likely pass through the hand and continue to the body parts behind it. The damage changes regarding limb damage discussed in these patch notes are a good start, but I would really like for a bullet penetration system to be implemented, even if it is confined to just bullet penetration through bodies.

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