Popular Drop Methods TESTED After 0.7.0 Update – Which is BEST? | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

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Since the PUBG Mobile Global Update to 0.7.0 came out a few days ago I have received a TON of questions about best drop methods after this recent update. This video explores 3 popular methods, testing how far they will allow you to fly! If you want to fly even father be on the lookout for a video very soon on this channel that shows me reaching almost 3000M AFTER the update!! For distances of up to 1000m I still recommend using the “Dab” sideways method, with the 45 degree method for distances of over 1000m!

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  1. Hey bro… We can go 1770m by 45deg long flight or we can also go same place by going 1250m …(1770 x sin45 )… by taking flight 90deg to plane's path. What do you prefer in these two??

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  3. 3 Days after the latest update,I still can't update my PUBG mobile. I have good network and storage but after 80-90% it always stops and says ' PUBG mobile can't be updated'. I have contacted tencent games and also got troubleshoot help but it still isn't working. Do you have any solution? By the way, Love from india.

  4. What about the 45 degree straight down method? Its basically the 45 degree one, but you are looking straight down so you travel 234 kmh down but to the side (about 90 degrees) aswell. Before 0.7.0 it got you about 700 meters far while falling at the fastest speed possible

  5. Ya that 45 degree method was a programmer error I would assume, pretty common. They added the vertical and horizontal joystick movement together independently without normalizing the resulting vector. You can imagine the joystick being a square and when pointed at 45 degrees in one of the corner, the distance to the center is about 1.41 times larger than diving straight.
    Sad they fixed that, it allowed the people to spread way further out. Changed alot how the start of the game feels, alot more limited and cramped:( Also gave people paying more attention a reward, not sure if that was good.

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