PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Xbox One Gameplay Livestream – MY FIRST TIME PLAYING !!!

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One Gameplay – PUBG Xbox One version releases today / tomorrow on consoles for the first time
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  1. Hearing reports that controller is incredibly hard to handle in PUBG at the moment. I'm sure it will improve but even players with experience are massively struggling.

    But if my girl buy me an Xbox one in this game, remember I didn’t buy it!!
    PlayStation ROCKS!! SONY kickS Xbox candy ass!! ALL DAY But PUBG looks fun tho!!! On second thought I’ll just wait for it on the P4!!! Sony out!!

  3. Watching One x gameplay really has me wondering if the performance disparity is leading to an advantage for X users. I could spot enemies at a distance better on a 17" monitor with one x graphics, while streaming, better than my 55" tv on the regular One. I really hope its just me, but I feel very low settings on a 1080p display is simply undercut by medium settings at upscaled 4k.

    Noticed the difference immediately.

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