Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC 1.0 UPDATE – (Battlegrounds 1.0 – PUBG 1.0)

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC 1.0 UPDATE – All the new changes that came with this update including the ones that weren’t mentioned!!! ULTRA HIGH QUALITY

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC 1.0 UPDATE – (Battlegrounds 1.0 – PUBG 1.0)

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Optimize character animations
Added LODs to further optimize weapon rendering for long distance
Optimized various world effects
Optimized various UI elements
Optimized the sea by reducing wave effects
Decreased terrain loading time
Decrease memory usage of characters

Additional vaulting animation for objects with a height of approx. 60 cm or lower (when holding down the Shift key)
Greatly reduced jacket/coat clipping issue when moving in ADS while leaning
Reduced the hit damage for hands and feet and increased the hit damage on thighs and arms.

The healing period for bandages has been reduced to 4.5 seconds from 8.5 seconds. The casting time and the amount of health restored are the same as before.
Players can now parachute and land on certain areas that were not previously accessible, including the outskirts of the island
Added markings for zeroing distances on 15x scope reticle texture
Added new 4x reticle for 7.62mm weapons
Added new 4x reticle for sniper and SMG weapons
Added blur effect on the outside of scopes
Bullets now penetrate water based on the velocity of projectile (the faster the velocity, more shallow the penetration)
Lowered camera position when proning in third-person
Decreased firing rate of SKS and Mini-14
Increased sprinting speed while holding DMR in hands (now as fast as assualt rifles)
Decreased recoil for Mk14
8x and 15x scopes cannot be attached to an M16A now

Added 2 new weapons.
– Added DP-28. DP-28 will be spawned in world. It has a 47-round pan magazine for 7.62mm. Sights and a 4x scope can be attached. It has low firing rate but a long effective firing range with high damage
– Added AUG A3. The AUG A3 can be obtained from care packages. It’s a variant of a bull-pup assault rifle that uses a 5.56mm 30-round magazine as standard and 40 rounds when extended. It has high muzzle velocity, high rate of fire and low vertical recoil.
Kar98k will no longer be included in care packages. World spawn rate of Kar98k will remain the same


Applied a new font for English
Improved designs for in-game HUD, option window, inventory, menu screen, and system message box
Improved Solo/Team Play UI
– Moved health bars of team member(s) from the top left corner to the bottom left corner
– Changed colors and markings in the mini map, world Map, and team list UI
– Added indicators for team members to check their status (vehicle, parachuting, alive/dead, DBNO, connection status, etc.)
Improved interaction HUD
– If there is no more room left in the backpack, the font will turn red to show that items cannot be picked up
Improved the mini map and the world map
– Decreased the saturation of the mini map to further emphasize information of team members
– Adjusted the colors of the world map to increase visibility of markers and other information
– Players can check team members’ FOV direction through the world map and the mini map
– When team members get on the same vehicle, a single indicator will appear
Moved the kill log from the bottom left corner to the top right corner
Modified the design of the health bar to show the point for 75%. The bar will not turn red when health is below 75%
Added killcam feature that can be found in Settings. Now players can check killcams in the result screen
– For Duo and Squad modes, killcam can be checked after all team members have died

Changed the lobby music
Improved vehicle engine sounds
Added a sound that will be played around the edge of the blue zone
Added three different sound effects for the red zone
– Sounds of bombs being released
– Sounds of bombs falling
– Sounds of bombs exploding
Added sounds when character jumps into water. Sound will be different based on the speed

Bug fixes
Fixed camera jittering for passenger sitting on the back of a motorcycle with sidecar
Fixed the issue where animations are not played when bandages are used consecutively
Removed the pink circle that appeared on certain buildings when parachuting
Fixed the issue where shooting was possible when vaulting
Greatly reduced blurriness of the reticle while in ADS mode


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  1. In my opinion, the new shaders are amazing, the game looks so much prettier and with the new UI and the new minimap, it looks so much more pristine.

  2. Not sure if n e one else noticed this but I think the test server looked like crap, everything is blurry and fuzzy, yea gained a few fps but it is awful I'd really rather them keep live settings

  3. I like the, like the main map you use, but the color saturation on the mini-map is not good. I think it's harder to view and know exactly what a building is or isn't.

  4. any comments on the performance? has it improved? I dont really care about the new features of the game. I just want to play this game on constant 60 fps.

  5. I personally think that the new bomb sound has a bit TOO much bass as for the minimap I love it. It would be nice to make it a bit more colorful but I like the 'theme' it has.

  6. What's up with the sound of the grenade? They may've improved the red zone sound effect, but those grenades sounded like shit, the old sound that was so loud that it would scary you was great.

  7. when you burst fire with m16 do you click the button really fast or use some kind of macro that does it for you cus i cant click it that fast

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